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Engineers Week – Making a Difference

This week recognizes engineers, and in support we are encouraging our partners and teams to share their experience, knowledge and passion with others. Engineers are changing the world all of the time. They dream up creative, practical solutions and work with other smart, inspiring people to invent, design, and create things that matter. At Pro QC, our quality engineers are at the heart of our organization.  Mechanical, electrical, environmental and a host of other specialities are all necessary to sustain our successful global team of quality experts. The Discover Engineering website describes engineers as people who…

What is APQP?

Advanced Product Quality Planning, APQP, exists to ensure suppliers and manufacturers produce products that meet or exceed customer expectations. It is considered a structured approach to the design and development of new products and manufacturing processes. As part of Pro QC’s Supplier Development services, APQP incorporates the Deming Cycle, or PDCA. Plan – Technology & Concept Development Do – Product/Process Development & Prototype Development Check – Confirmation Product & Validation Process Act – Continuous Improvement With APQP, upfront planning and output review work together to support continuous improvement. Suppliers understand the requirements of all parties, and an approved product design reflects …

Quantifying the Importance of Quality in 2015 (US Market)

Quality Magazine recently posted an article related to the importance of quality and other interesting observations regarding their 15th Annual Spending Survey. The article indicates a positive increase in spending where quality is concerned, along with other key indicators showing support and acknowledgment of the importance of quality.  Two highlights worth noting include: 1) About half (49%) said the importance of quality has increased compared to a year ago. 2) The top three spending categories were general test, measurement and inspection equipment (69%); gages and gaging systems (65%); and test and inspection services (53%).

Avoid shipment delays!

Delays in shipment are not uncommon, but preventable nonetheless. There are several possible causes for shipment delays, including: Delays in shipment of raw materials or components to the assembly factory Factory equipment malfunction Human resource issues Logistics (freight forwarder) delays Incorrect order quantity loaded (partial shipment) Product gets held in Customs So, how do you avoid delays in shipments? Pre-Production: Preventative action is the most effective way to avoid delays in shipments and reduce overall quality risks and cost.  Supplier evaluations incorporate key indicators that ensure production is timely. For example, ISO 9001 based audits focus on the following:

New Year, New Goals… 2015 Quality Goals

As 2014 comes to a close, we are considering the quality goals and objectives we’ve discussed with our clients and partners regarding ongoing improvement in the coming year.  Some examples shared with us include: Establish and/or improve a supplier performance evaluation process Develop and implement corrective action based on factory and inspection data analysis More effectively communicate support for quality throughout the organization Review and/or develop detailed product specification information to reduce discrepancies or other issues Avoid delays in shipments Review and analyze processes to identify bottlenecks and/or develop documentation What are your quality goals for 2015?   At Pro QC, …