Environmental Compliance Audits

Ensuring that your production lines meet environmental rules and regulations is important because while reducing your carbon footprint, being compliant will also ensure you are not exposed to the costly fines and prosecutions that can come with failure to adhere to local and/or international requirements.

Environmental compliance audits carry two key elements – one is the moral and ethical responsibility to protect our natural surroundings and prevent harm to human and animal health in the process, while the other includes growing your business in a beneficial way.

Environmental compliance audits enable business transparency; it has been documented that customers are more likely to want to purchase from companies who express both recognition of, and consideration for, their behavior within the environment.

It also falls under ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) criteria, a set of international standards enabling socially conscious buyers and investors to consider a company’s performance, and how they are ready to support that business based on their accountability.

Environmental compliance audits and a management system process ensure the entire supply chain is meeting requisite measures and enables a buyer to hold its factories or suppliers answerable for the environmental impact of their production facilities.

Pro QC’s Environmental Compliance Audit Solutions

Pro QC offers a systematic management system for a factory or supplier to implement, enabling it to meet regulatory environmental criteria.

ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Management Systems

The most commonly known and globally recognized Environmental Management System (EMS) standard within the manufacturing industry.

ISO 9001 Quality Management System

Pro QC’s Supplier Management Service

Most of our clients have a portfolio of five to 50+ factories that require quality assessments. Pro QC can work with an internal QA team to create a bespoke Supplier Qualification Program to assess, qualify, and develop the entire supplier portfolio. The usual approach to these programs is outlined below:

  1. Performing an initial environmental compliance audit assessment
  2. Establishing a corrective action plan
  3. Verifying corrective action implementation through detailed follow-up activities
  4. Scheduling subsequent annual visits based on supplier risk level
  5. Providing a supplier portfolio dashboard and performance analysis

Our supplier management team can create a customized checklist that meets the most specific requirements. The supplier management service is particularly suitable for small QA teams with a large supplier base across the globe. Our project team will help reduce overhead and time spent dealing with suppliers and manage all necessary actions for each supplier. Get in touch with us and tell us how we can assist your team.


Other Factory Compliance Solutions

Factories have a range of local and global best practices and compliance standards to consider when aiming to be a reliable manufacturing partner. If a particular standard is not listed here, visit our Factory and Supplier Audits page to explore our wide range of supplier management services. Our team has the relevant experience to provide a bespoke approach or solution to meet any validation or certification requirement.


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