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Pro QC’s role is to assist its clients to reduce supply chain risk and cost of poor quality. Our mission is to nurture the trust of our clients and team through dynamic interactions, creative supply chain solutions and integrated partnerships.

Our vision is not to be the biggest but the best in the services we provide. To help us remain focused on these goals, we have set out four values as a yardstick for all of us at Pro QC to drive continuous organizational and self-improvement. They are:




  • Client satisfaction is our priority
  • We never compromise on quality
  • We strive for agility, simplicity and efficiency


  • We hold ourselves to the highest standard
  • We are reliable and demonstrate strong business ethics
  • We earn trust by acting with integrity and dependability


  • We build long term partnership through comprehensive solutions
  • We recognize people as our greatest assets
  • We always challenge the status quo


  • We prize our global team spirit
  • We treat each other with dignity and respect
  • We empower one another through proactive support

Statement on Integrity


Given the trust clients place in Pro QC to represent their interests and in sharing intimate supply chain information, we recognize that a holistic form of integrity, meaning integrity of organization, person and information is essential.


Integrity of organization means that Pro QC must live, breathe and be an example of the principles of quality on which our services are based. We do, and shall always, seek continuous improvement of our Quality Management System and the maintenance of our ISO 9001 and other certifications through which we achieve ever higher organizational effectiveness and capacity to deliver value to clients. Pro QC endeavors, also, to uphold the law and maintain compliance with all rules and regulations in the jurisdictions we operate.

Integrity of person means the honesty, independence, impartiality, and objectivity with which our staff perform services. This is engrained in our culture through our values, continual training and the employee code of conduct covering anti-bribery, preventing conflicts of interest, and restricting the acceptance of gifts and other favors. To ensure accountability, checks and balances are woven into our processes and include integrity declarations signed by suppliers during each visit; the implementation of a documented system for staff to report incidents of misconduct; and regular on-site compliance surveys assessing ethical conduct of staff. And, we promote positive behavior through a peer nominated reward system for living the values.

Integrity of information means that we strive to ensure that all information is reliable and secure. We work to provide accurate and correct information, and advice based on evidence and expert knowledge reinforced by on-site monitoring and rigorous report review processes by senior technical staff. We also hold confidentiality and security of personal information, intellectual property, and trade secrets as requisite to maintaining clients’ trust. Pro QC continues to drive employee awareness of their obligations of confidentiality under their employment agreement, the employee code of conduct and our client non-disclosure agreements. Furthermore, Pro QC is dedicated to continuous strengthening of our information security management system and its physical and cyber security practices and procedures.

Our professionalism is evidenced through the espousal of our values of excellence, trustworthiness, passion and collaboration. It is through the principles, processes and practices safeguarding integrity and furthering those values each and every day that Pro QC has continued to achieve sustained success since 1984.

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