Pro QC offers the services detailed below as well as the possibility to schedule service requests and access our reports through our secure database.

Product Inspections

By conducting ongoing and end-of-production inspections, we are able to identify problems encountered during production in order to ship as few defective products as possible while reducing the time for corrective action eliminating the causes of these problems.

Factory audits

To ensure that your suppliers’ facilities enable you to manufacture high quality products, operate efficiently and provide you with continuous improvement, Pro QC offers quality system audits and manufacturing processes.

Corrective actions

Pro QC offers corrective action services to ensure that quality issues are resolved during the production process and not just identified during the inspection, which avoids having to sort and rework the goods.

Supplier development

Some suppliers fail to deliver the required quality even though time and money have been invested, or have the necessary skills for your projects but are lacking in performance. Our supplier development services help you solve these problems while allowing you total control of your costs.

Product evaluation & testing

Pro QC controls the compliance, performance, reliability and life cycle of your products in our laboratories in China.


Pro QC offers its services for engineering projects including product design, technical data and product drafts.

Order Tracking

Pro QC order tracking services help reduce your production and shipping times.

ISO 2015 transition service

Compliance solution for large retailers

Mandatory supplier compliance programs are becoming increasingly common in supermarkets. Suppliers must comply to be able to work with large retailers.

Maintenance solutions

Pro QC International has a great expertise in chiller maintenance. We work on all models and all brands.

Subcontracting quality assurance

Companies that want to comply with best practices, gain competitive advantage, reduce costs, and maintain high quality standards, are turning to outsourcing quality assurance to achieve their goals.

Customer Service Management Process