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Product Inspection Services

For third-party quality inspection services, Pro QC recommends the International Inspection Standard ANSI Z.1.4-2003 (ANSI Sampling Table) to determine the number of units that will be randomly selected for evaluation.

Samples are checked against a detailed inspection plan for appearance, applicable functionality, packaging integrity, workmanship, and your specific requirements. Discovered defects are classified as major, minor, or critical depending on inspection plans. If you have your QC standard and procedure, we have no concern to follow your documentation.

Quality inspection service reports and results with digital photos will be emailed to you within 24 hours of the service through our secure online client center so that you can quickly authorize your suppliers to ship your products.

Advantages of QC Inspections

Avoid Costly Product Defect and Shipment Delays

Quality control (QC) inspections minimize the amount of costly defects by detecting non-conformances throughout the production cycle.

Identify or Explore Corrective Actions

Third-party quality inspection services help you determine the overall quality of your order, and determine the need to issue corrective actions before any products leave the factory.

Protect Your Company’s Brand and Reputation

Sub-standard products result in customer complaints and damage your reputation. Product quality inspections help ensure consistent customer satisfaction.

There are several types of inspections available throughout the production process; First-Article, In-Process and Pre-Shipment inspections. As one of the longest serving global inspection companies, our Account Managers will provide guidance to ensure chosen product inspection service meet the most stringent quality requirements.

What Other Services Reduce My Quality Risks?

Pro QC has an international reputation for providing independent third-party inspection and container loading solutions. However, our quality solutions do not stop with QC inspections. Pro QC provides solutions throughout the supply chain, from sourcing, manufacturing, to final delivery.


First-Article Inspections

As a globally-recognized third party inspection company, Pro QC inspects first-article samples prior to volume production. This inspection in quality verifies that product specifications are being met and avoids unnecessary reengineering work later.

In-Process Inspections

An in-process QC inspection evaluates random samples from production lots when the process is circa 20-30% complete. This confirms the product quality and allows any necessary changes to be addressed early on, reducing rework time and costs.

Pre-Shipment Inspections

During a pre-shipment inspection, our engineers verify that finished goods conform to the most stringent specifications. A pre-shipment inspection (PSI) generally occurs when production is 100% complete and packaging is 80% complete. For example, if an automotive product or auto part inspection is required, we would request the specifications and golden samples in advance. These would then be used to ascertain the quality of the products produced at the supplier.

Container Loading Supervision

Pro QC ensures that proper methods are employed during product loading, and we verify counts on-site.

Measurement and Testing

In addition to inspections in quality, Pro QC conducts properties, performance and lifecycle testing at our labs in Ningbo, China and Chicago, USA. Custom fixtures and test methods are crafted in-house. For testing that is not performed at Pro QC, we have alliances with accredited labs in many locations worldwide to offer you virtually any type of product testing you may need.

Available testing includes:

  • Metrology, first-article analysis
  • Portable CMM for both in-house and on-site bookings
  • X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) screening for lead, RoHS and material analysis of various plastics, stainless steel and copper alloys both in-house and on-site
  • Mean time to failure
  • Salt spray
  • Abrasion
  • Hot and cold environment performance (chamber) with humidity control
  • Battery performance and service life
  • Hi-pot
  • Extraction force
  • Rockwell hardness
  • Sample Collection Service
  • ISO 17025 testing lab in Monterrey, Mexico

Pro QC Inspection Blog

Find out more about inspections on our blog by clicking the articles below:

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Identify problems early and reduce associated rework costs later. Identifying problems early also helps avoid potential shipment delays.
  • Ensure the end product meets your customers’ expectations.
  • Partnering with a 3rd party provider often reduces travel expenses, internal resource allocation and offers an unbiased assessment.
  • Pro QC uses knowledgeable and experienced QC engineers.

How do you schedule a QC inspection with Pro QC?

Quality control inspections can be scheduled online directly here. Or, clients and/or suppliers can contact account managers directly for assistance with coordination. Contact us at for additional information.

When are detailed inspection reports provided?

Pro QC’s inspection reports are uploaded to an online database within 24 hours of completion. Clients receive an emailed notification when posted.

Each report outlines the audit scope and includes recommendations, strength’s of the quality system and manufacturing process, and opportunities for improvement (weaknesses). An audit result based on the percent of conformances vs. non-conformances is provided.

Preview example reports here.

Where does Pro QC provide services?

Pro QC International provides quality control services in 88 countries. Click here to see the full list.

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