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Pro QC is a renowned organization specializing in Quality Assurance. We provide comprehensive QHSE audit services across the globe. With over 40 years of experience in the audit domain, Pro QC is a trusted ally for businesses aiming to enhance their QHSE management systems or those preparing for pivotal certification audits in associated standards.

QHSE represents an integrated approach that amalgamates quality, health, safety, and environmental management systems. Pro QC’s QHSE audit services cater to the following needs:

  • Buyers who are looking to evaluate and qualify their potential suppliers.
  • Organizations seeking regular assurance that their operations or suppliers maintain robust QHSE practices.
  • Enterprises striving for continuous enhancement in their QHSE system performance.
  • Suppliers aiming to meet their clients’ specific QHSE system compliance requirements.

QHSE audits help organizations ensure they are compliant with relevant regulations, standards, and industry best practices

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QHSE Audit Approach

Pro QC’s QHSE audit services incorporate elements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, and SA8000, ensuring a comprehensive evaluation in line with global standards. Our supplier management team, with vast experience in the QHSE domain, delivers tailor-made solutions that cater to buyers and organizations that are seeking a combined approach. We assist organizations looking to gauge their current adherence to QHSE best practices, fortify their QHSE management systems, or evaluate their suppliers.

Our on-site audits are grounded in objective observations and impartiality. The auditor gathers evidence to determine the organization’s adherence to best practices in QHSE. Following the audit, a comprehensive report is presented, highlighting strengths and areas for improvement, prioritized by significance and impact. This report encompasses findings, recommendations, and objective evidence like photographs. We also provide an overall evaluation score and can create and implement a corrective action plan if needed.

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What is a QHSE Audit?

QHSE is a holistic system that offers a framework for quality, health, safety, and environmental management in businesses. While not a standalone standard, QHSE draws from globally recognized standards to respond to the diverse demands of industries and regulatory entities.


Incorporating global best practices, QHSE merges the foundational principles of quality management with critical health, safety, and environmental stewardship aspects. A QHSE audit, especially when conducted by an independent third party like Pro QC, assesses an organization’s alignment with these best practices. This assessment assures existing and potential clients that the organization has robust systems in place for quality, health, safety, and environmental considerations. Moreover, the audit identifies non-conformances, facilitates corrective actions, and instills confidence in stakeholders about the organization’s commitment to continuous improvement and industry best practices.

Pro QC’s QHSE assessment employs a detailed checklist to ensure a thorough evaluation:

A) Quality management system:

  • 1. Management responsibility
    • 1.1 Organization and quality system
    • 1.2 Training
  • 2. Manufacturing process control
    • 2.1 Incoming quality control (iqc)
    • 2.2 In-process quality control (ipqc)
    • 2.3 Material / product identification and control
    • 2.4 Measurement device control and preventive maintenance
  • 3. Corrective actions and continuous improvement

B) Corporate social responsibility:

  • Compliance with laws
  • Child labor
  • Working hours
  • Wages and benefits
  • Health and safety
  • Fire safety
  • Electrical safety
  • Chemical safety
  • Sanitation
  • Accident/first aid/risk assessment
  • Non-discrimination
  • Coercion & harassment
  • Environment
  • Ethics (conflict of interest & material)

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Benefits of Adhering to QHSE Practices

Aligning with QHSE best practices offers numerous advantages:

  • It signifies the organization’s dedication to quality, health, safety, and environmental standards.
  • It builds trust among stakeholders, clients, and employees.
  • It enables operational excellence, risk minimization, and efficiency enhancement.
  • Internal benefits include regulatory compliance, operational consistency, enhanced safety protocols, and sustainable environmental practices.
  • Externally, it augments the organization’s market stance, providing a competitive advantage and cementing its position as a preferred partner in the industry.

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Pro QC’s QHSE Audit Outcomes

Audit report delivered within 72 hours after the service

Clients of Pro QC can expect an intricately organized QHSE assessment report, delivered within 72 hours post-service. This report, in its breadth and depth, provides:

  • An overarching summary of the audit proceedings.
  • The collective audit score, showcasing the alignment with QHSE best practices.
  • A granular breakdown of alignment levels for each segment of the QHSE approach, with findings presented in clear language and color-coded for convenience.
  • Actionable recommendations for corrective measures.
  • Objective evidence, encompassing photographs, interview records, and other relevant documents and records examined during the audit.

Corrective Action Plan

The QHSE audit is merely the starting phase. If discrepancies or areas of improvement are identified, a corrective action plan is essential. This plan targets sustainable enhancements in QHSE performance. Pro QC supports audited organizations in achieving alignment with best practices by:

  • Conducting an in-depth QHSE assessment.
  • Crafting a specific corrective action plan.
  • Validating the enactment of corrective actions through rigorous follow-up measures.
  • Monitoring key performance indicators and assisting the organization in its continuous improvement journey.

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By regularly assessing and verifying adherence to quality, health, safety, and environmental requirements, companies can identify and rectify non-compliance issues proactively

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