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ANSI Sampling Tables

By performing in-process and pre-shipment inspections we identify problems at the factory with the goals of shipping fewer defects while reducing corrective action time and eliminating the causes.

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We have detailed some of our most frequently asked questions. Should you need further clarification, or have a question that is not addressed, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

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Incoterms are international rules that are accepted by governments,legal authorities and practitioners worldwide for the interpretation of the most commonly used terms in international trade. (Source: International Chamber of Commerce)

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Useful Links

These links provide a portal of additional information regarding the following topics:

  • Testing, Measurement, & Standards
  • Publications
  • Organizations

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Quality Terms

We have selected some of the most frequently used and/or misunderstood terms in quality and provided useful definitions.

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Defect Classifications

General definitions are provided to describe what typically constitutes critical, major or minor defective conditions.

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Sample Reports

We provide world class reporting for inspections, audits, supplier development and vendor compliance. Click here to be access you preferred report on the sample reports page.

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