Since 1984, Pro QC has maintained and grown its business success in providing quality assurance
solutions, engineering and consulting services in highly competitive environments by
strategically adapting and making improvements in performance in line with market trends.

Global Presence

Over the years, Pro QC has enhanced its international presence and operation in all regions of
the world. With a global network in more than 88 locations, including offices in 15 cities, we
have been able to provide our clients with immediate and convenient supply chain solutions.

Experienced Engineering Team

Pro QC global engineering team includes specialists across a wide variety of industries, allowing
us to provide you with a team incorporating the right expertise and training in quality methods,
processes and tools to support your projects from day-one when and where you need them.

Scalability & Flexibility

We tailor solutions as required, leverage our network, optimize our resource allocation and
deliver best practices for projects of all sizes in a prompt and efficient manner, enabling our
clients to meet critical deadlines and reduce overall costs.

Dedicated Account Manager

Every client is provided with a dedicated account manager within our operation with extensive
knowledge and experience that can advise on the right solutions for your quality issues and who
remains committed to your business success. They will be working on your projects from
start-to-end alongside our engineers.

Timely Feedback

We offer detailed reporting promptly, within 24 hours of the completion of a service. Our team of
experts provides the detailed and objective feedback on quality issues,along with photographic
evidence, needed to achieve continuous improvement.

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