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Product Testing Services in China

Pro QC is a leading Global Quality Assurance Company that provides comprehensive product testing services in China, to cater to the ever-evolving demands of global markets.

China, a global manufacturing hub, has long been known for its ability to produce goods at a large scale and export them to markets worldwide. With a reputation for manufacturing a vast array of products, it’s no wonder that product testing in China is particularly important. Ensuring that products comply with the standards and requirements of the destination market is key to maintaining a competitive edge and avoiding potential penalties or damage to a company’s reputation. In this context, lab tests in China play a significant role in guaranteeing the reliability and safety of products that eventually find their way into the hands of consumers across the globe. As a leading provider of quality control and assurance solutions, Pro QC is committed to offering reliable and efficient product quality testing services in China to clients worldwide.

At the heart of our commitment is Pro QC’s Ningbo Laboratory, a state-of-the-art facility located in Ningbo City, Zhejiang Province, China. Established in 2006, the lab has grown to become an important destination for a wide range of lab testing services in China, including mechanical, electrical, environmental, and life cycle testing. Equipped with advanced testing equipment and managed by a team of experienced quality engineers, our Ningbo Lab ensures the highest level of service for our clients.

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Our Quality Product Testing Capabilities in China

At Pro QC, we offer a comprehensive suite of lab testing services in China designed to ensure that products meet or exceed the required quality and safety standards. Our quality testing facilities deliver accurate, reliable, and efficient testing results. Our expertise spans the domains discussed below.

Our range of mechanical testing services in China helps to examine material properties and component performance, conducting thorough evaluations such as dimensional measurements, and hardness testing. We ensure products adhere to industry standards by identifying critical factors like load-bearing capabilities, fatigue resistance, and material deformation. This approach provides valuable insights, ensuring optimal product quality and compliance with precise engineering specifications.

  1. Dimensional Measurements: Our dimensional measurement services in China ensure that product dimensions comply with specifications and tolerances. We employ advanced tools, including coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), profile projectors, micrometers, plugs, height and thread gauges, along with various calipers for precise evaluation of dimensions and quality control.
  2. Material Property Testing: We conduct a variety of mechanical tests, including hardness, torque, surface roughness, and other tests to assess the mechanical properties of materials and components. These lab tests evaluate durability, wear resistance, and overall performance under various stress conditions.
  3. Coating and Surface Evaluation: Our coating thickness and paint adhesion tests help determine the thickness of layers of paint, corrosion, and other coatings. This ensures the quality and longevity of the product’s surface finish.

Our mechanical equipment and testing capabilities:

  • Bridge and Portable CMMs
  • Profile Projector
  • Rockwell Hardness Tester
  • Surface Roughness Tester
  • Coating Thickness Meter
  • Sharp Edge Tester

The primary focus of our electrical testing solutions in China is to ensure the safety, performance, and reliability of electrical products. We thoroughly assess products to ensure they meet the necessary electrical performance criteria and adhere to applicable safety standards.

  1. Product Safety Testing: Our product safety testing services in China are designed to verify the quality of electrical products. We conduct tests such as dielectric withstand, ground continuity, and insulation resistance.
  2. Electric Home Appliances and Power Tools Testing: We evaluate electric home appliances and power tools through a series of technical assessments. Our electrical lab tests are used to analyze various performance indicators, including power consumption, and load capacities. Additionally, we examine safety aspects such as electrical leakage, and grounding integrity.

Our electrical equipment and testing capabilities:

  1. Hi-Pot, Leakage Current, and Insulation Resistance Tester
  2. Power Analyzer
  3. AC (120, 220, 380) & DC Power Supplies
  4. Digital 8 Probe Thermometer
  5. Digital Infrared Thermometer
  6. Sound Level Meter
  7. Oscilloscope
  8. Tachometer

Pro QC International’s Ningbo lab offers a comprehensive range of environmental testing services in China to evaluate product performance under various environmental conditions. We simulate extreme conditions and accelerated aging, helping to identify potential weaknesses and ensure the durability and reliability of products in diverse environments.

  1. Accelerated Aging and Extreme Condition Simulation: Our accelerated aging and extreme condition simulation tests assess product performance under challenging environmental conditions. These lab tests help determine potential vulnerabilities and evaluate the long-term durability of products, ensuring their ability to withstand adverse conditions.
  2. Corrosion, Moisture, Temperature, and UV Resistance Testing: We provide a variety of environmental testing services in China, including salt spray, humidity, temperature, and UV tests. These tests evaluate resistance to corrosion, moisture, extreme temperatures, and UV degradation, ensuring their reliability and longevity under various environmental conditions.

Our environmental testing equipment and capabilities:

  • Neutral Salt Spray Chamber (NSS)
  • Digital Controlled Air Circulating Oven
  • Digital Controlled Freezer
  • Digital Controlled Humidity Chamber
  • QUV Accelerated Weathering Tester
  • Colorimeter
  • Radiometer

Pro QC provides tailored reliability and life cycle testing services in China to evaluate product performance, reliability, and durability under real-world conditions.

  1. Customized Testing for Various Products: We develop customized testing solutions in China to accurately assess product performance, reliability, and life cycle. Our engineers collaborate with clients to create tailored tests that suit the unique requirements of each product.
  2. Mechanical and Electrical Consumer Product Cycle Tests: Our reliability and life cycle testing services in China include mechanical and electrical consumer product cycle tests. These tests determine the expected product lifespan and identify potential failure modes, helping manufacturers improve product design, reduce warranty claims, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Our Equipment and Testing Capabilities:

  • Vibration Machine (Packaging Resilience)
  • Customized Designed Test Equipment

Our team of quality control experts is well-versed in various standards and regulations, utilizing advanced analytical equipment and techniques to accurately assess product compliance.

  1. Heavy Metal Detection (Cd, Pb, Hg): We provide heavy metal detection services in China to ensure that products comply with global regulations concerning harmful heavy metals such as cadmium (Cd), lead (Pb), and mercury (Hg). We accurately detect and quantify heavy metal content in a variety of products.
  2. Applicable Standards and Regulations: Our compliance testing services in China are designed to stay up to date with the latest industry standards and regulations, ensuring that our clients’ products meet all requirements. Our laboratory assists clients in navigating the complexities of compliance and achieving successful product certifications.

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Pro QC’s Product Testing Facilities in China

The dedication of our Ningbo laboratory to delivering exceptional quality and accuracy is exemplified by our cutting-edge equipment, highly-skilled personnel, and proven track record of addressing diverse client requirements. Our facilities are equipped to handle all the quality testing needs of our clients in China.

Lab Testing Equipment and Technologies

We continuously invest in upgrading our equipment to stay at the forefront of innovation and maintain our reputation for delivering reliable, high-quality lab testing services in China. Our advanced equipment includes but is not limited to, coordinate measuring machines (CMMs), environmental chambers, electrical testing equipment, and spectrometers for material analysis.

Highly Trained and Experienced Engineers

The cornerstone of our success in providing laboratory testing services in China lies in our team of highly trained and experienced quality control engineers. Our professionals have extensive knowledge of various testing methodologies and industry-specific requirements. We emphasize continuous training and development to ensure our team stays up to date with the latest advancements in testing technologies and global standards.

A Long History of Serving Clients with Product Testing in China

Pro QC’s Ningbo lab facilities have a long-standing history of serving clients across multiple industries, including automotive, electronics, mechanical parts, textile, consumer goods, and more. Our diverse client base demonstrates our adaptability and expertise in addressing unique testing requirements.

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Benefits of Working with Pro QC for Product Testing in China

By choosing to work with Pro QC for product testing services in China, companies can expect numerous advantages. Some of these benefits include:

Independent Laboratory

We are a third-party quality assurance company committed to upholding the highest ethical standards in all our business practices. Since 1984, our independence, impartiality, and trustworthiness are the cornerstones of our reputation, and we continually strive to maintain these values in every aspect of our work.


We understand that time is of the essence when it comes to product development and market launch. At Pro QC, we prioritize rapid response times and efficient turnaround, ensuring that your product testing needs in China are met promptly without compromising accuracy or quality.

Tailored Solutions & Customer Service

At Pro QC, we believe in providing personalized customer support tailored to our client’s unique requirements. Our dedicated account managers work closely with our clients to understand their specific quality control testing needs. They ensure that our services align with all objectives, ensuring a seamless and satisfactory experience.

One-Stop Service from On-Site Inspection to Lab Testing in China

Pro QC covers all quality management needs, from lab testing to on-site inspections and supplier audits. By working with a single provider, companies can streamline their processes, reduce administrative overhead, and ensure a cohesive approach to quality assurance.

At Pro QC, our team of experts is ready to assist with all your lab testing needs in China, ensuring that your products meet the highest quality standards and comply with market regulations. We encourage potential clients to reach out for a quote or consultation, so we can help navigate the complexities of product testing in China and deliver the best results for their business.

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