Pro QC’s global team includes quality professionals specializing in the softlines (soft goods) industry. With local knowledge, industry-specific training and hands-on experience, we provide solutions that help reduce cost and ensure the quality and timely delivery of your purchase orders.

With over three decades of experience, we offer expertise in a wide range of industrial sectors. Examples include:

  • Footwear
  • Garments & Apparel
  • Fashion Accessories
  • Soft Toys
  • Textiles & Fabrics
  • Luggage & Bags


We provide the following quality solutions

Whether you’re evaluating new partners, or focused on continuous improvement with existing suppliers, Pro QC’s auditors provide timely, detailed feedback regarding process and capability. Our audit reports provide critical insight useful for decision-making.

  • Initial Supplier Evaluations
  • ISO 9001 – General Quality Management System Audits
  • SA8000 – Social Accountability Audits (CSR)
  • ISO 14001 – Environmental Audits (Sustainability)
  • C-TPAT – Security Audits
  • Manufacturing Process Audits

Product Inspections & Testing

Pro QC’s quality engineers leverage their experience and use client-specific product specifications to evaluate orders on-site. Depending on our clients’ needs, we generally use ANSI Z1.4 sampling to perform pre-production, in-process and pre-shipment quality inspections. However, sampling requirements may vary by product. For example, for fabrics (rolls), we use the 4 Point System.Pro QC’s team works closely with each client to ensure inspection criteria is documented and understood by all applicable parties. We accommodate full-time, part-time or single man-day on-site projects as necessary.

A QC inspection of softlines products typically includes :

  • Quantity Verification
  • Visual / Workmanship Evaluation
  • Functional Evaluation (Measurements, Hardware Function, etc.)
  • Packaging Integrity Evaluation (ISTA 1A Drop-Test)
  • Labeling Verification


Commonly noted major, minor or critical defects discovered during softlines inspections includes:

  • Defects in appearance, such as marks, fraying fabric or unfinished edges, etc.
  • Defects with seams and stitching, including open seams, incorrect thread selection, skipped stitches, etc.
  • Defects concerning color, such as dye spots and color fastness
  • Defects concerning fabric, such as its material, fabric weight, cuts or tears, slubs or misweaves, etc.
  • Defects concerning sizing, labeling and packaging, such as labels missing or top/bottom sizes are mismatched
  • Defects with polybags that are not marked with applicable child suffocation warnings
  • Defects concerning care label information, content label information, hangtag descriptions, correctness of components or trims, zip teeth smoothness, etc.
  • Defects concerning measurement and fit
  • Defects concerning loose or broken snaps, zippers or other hardware
  • Defects concerning foul odors from dyes or other chemicals used in the process
  • Defects concerning safety, such as pins, needles and staples not being removed


Pro QC’s softlines inspectors regularly perform the following evaluations on-site as well:

  • Stitches per inch (SPI) verification
  • Wash test in the factory to make sure the color fastness and shrinkage is acceptable
  • Needle detector checking to make sure no metal is within the garment (Note that the factory must have a detector machine for this evaluation on-site.)
  • Broken stitch record to make sure the broken stitches are under control
  • Child safety using the button fastness test (Note that the factory must have the equipment for this evaluation on-site.)
  • Mechanical safety review on children’s clothing to verify the product meets the Consumer Product Safety Commission regulations for small parts, sharp edges, drawcords, etc.
  • Nickel free and pH test, if the chemical reagent is available.


In-house laboratory testing of soft goods includes lead and phthalates content evaluation and color fastness.

Depending on the product and intended market, Pro QC uses applicable international standards to ensure requirements are met.

We offer additional services, such as product specification development, sample collection, translation services, etc. Contact us for more information.

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