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09 Mar 2023

Raising the Bar on Furniture Quality with Manufacturing Process Audits

The furniture industry is a highly competitive market, with manufacturers constantly looking for ways to improve product quality, […]

22 Dec 2022

How to combine an MDR 2017/745 and an ISO 13485 Supplier Audit

MDR (EU) 2017/745 is a set of regulations that govern the European medical device market. It was created […]

22 Dec 2022

What is Medical Device Single Audit Program (MDSAP)?

Medical Device Single Audit Program (MDSAP) An MDSAP is a type of audit that focuses on the medical […]

20 Jun 2022

Evaluating potential suppliers with Supplier Quality Audits

What is a Supplier Quality Audit? A supplier quality audit is a general assessment of the supplier’s operation […]

11 Nov 2021

Selecting the right social compliance standard

Auditing a new supplier against social compliance standards is a must. Such an audit ensures that the business […]

30 Jul 2021

How to Ensure Social Compliance Using SA8000 and Other HSE Audits

Social compliance issues have been a growing concern for several years now and only continue to rise as […]

03 Nov 2020

How do Manufacturing Process Audits Improve E-bike Production Quality?

By The Pro QC Quality Assurance Team What is a manufacturing process audit? The purpose of the manufacturing […]

29 Apr 2020

Making Sure Your Personal Protective Equipment Suppliers Are Verified

By The Pro QC Quality Assurance Team With the critical importance of personal protective equipment and a rising […]

14 Apr 2020

To Avoid Fake Suppliers, Keep This Checklist Handy

By The Pro QC Quality Assurance Team Last week we discussed avoiding fake suppliers and scammers when sourcing […]

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