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We love our quality tools!  In fact, the Quality Toolbox is never too far out of reach.  But, the choices can seem overwhelming at times.  Here are some suggestions for picking the right tool based on what you want to accomplish:

If you want to keep track of your facts…

Use a check sheet or line graph.

If you want to represent data visually…

Use a histogram, line graph, or pareto diagram.

If you want to group your ideas…

Use a lotus flower diagram, fishbone diagram or affinity diagram.

If you want to figure out how ideas are connected…

Use a fishbone or relations diagram.

If you want to see the steps in something you’re doing…

Use a flowchart.

If you want to determine a root cause…

Use a fishbone diagram or 5 Whys.

If you want to evaluate strategic options…

Use a SWOT and PEST analysis or a BCG matrix.

If you want to make a decision that involves multiple factors…

Use a grid analysis or paired comparison.

Check out 7 QC Tools in 8 Minutes to learn more about several tools mentioned here.


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