Lucky Draw Winners!

We are happy to announce the iPad winners from our recent client feedback survey Lucky Draw. We appreciate everyone that provided us with the critical feedback we need to continuously improve. Congratulations to the following three clients: – Affinia Products LLC – Mr. Anthony Ryan – Contour Products INC. – Mr. H. Bruce Edmondson – Trans World Marketing – Mr. Bob O’ Day

Quality testing adventure… Evaluating strollers

They say you should walk 10,000 steps per day, and our engineers in China are hitting the mark as they road test these strollers through various road conditions. Sebastian Oarcea, Pro QC’s Chief Engineer, explains the evaluation in more detail below. Purpose:  To determine the functionality and performance of the strollers in a real-life operating condition. Process:  One sample is subject of functional evaluation in reference with instructions manual provided and applicable standard prior to road test to identify potential failure modes. The road test is performed with strollers loaded at maximum stated by manufacturer (both for occupant and luggage …

What is an American National Standard anyway?

We recently tuned into a webinar offered by the American National Standard Institute (ANSI) and thought they did a great job discussing standards and the relationship of ANSI to ANS and the international marketplace. The follow-up resources they sent out should be shared: A summary of the value of the ANS process is available at ANSI Standards Action – posted every Friday, including project announcements and drafts available for public ANSI-Accredited Standards Developers list with contact and scope: ANSI Accreditation Options – standards and conformity assessment: ANSI Membership Options: Standards Boost Business – great resource for explaining why standards …

The Value of Quality – It Makes a Difference

Thank you to Quality Magazine for providing additional data to suggest investing in quality makes a difference. According to the information posted from the 14th Annual Spending Survey: 57% of those surveyed say the importance of quality is somewhat or much more important than the year before. Another 40% put it at about the same. 64% say that spending was right where it was projected, which is consistent with the prior year. 90% of budgets should stay the same or increase. The Aerospace industry saw the most notable increase when asked about primary end product performed at location. The inspection …

An Introduction to Auditing – The How & Why

We saw this video posted recently and thought it was such an excellent introduction to audits that we had to share. We’ve also written a few articles related to auditing: Preparing for an Audit Top 3 Factory Audit Components Social Accountability Audits  Sustainability Audits