Supplier partnerships are key

Many organizations approach us and are currently in volatile partnerships with suppliers over missed deadlines or unacceptable quality.  Communication has broken down, and both parties are unclear of how to proceed and ensure customer value.

The key to accomplishing objectives and mutually realizing benefits from continuous improvement initiatives is through cooperation and understanding from all party’s perspectives.

Supplier partnerships work best when the following is incorporated:

Transparency – It is important that information is shared with all parties in order to expedite resolutions and brainstorm long-term solutions.

Dependable Payment Terms & Service Delivery – Payments should be made in a timely manner, and services rendered should reflect accordingly.

Third-Party Evaluation – It is often less intrusive and move objective to have a third-party evaluate a system or process and make necessary recommendations.  Continuous improvement can be monitored and ensured by an unbiased source.

Understanding Perspectives – All parties have unique objectives to meet as a result of the partnership.  Understanding these objectives and incorporating mutually beneficial decisions unifies and strengthens the  relationship.  Focusing on long-term growth and objectives, in addition to aligning these objectives to meet both organization’s objectives, creates an environment for growth and continued success.

Successful supplier partnerships exist with open communication and ongoing evaluations.  Successful partnerships create customer value, greater efficiency, reduced costs, and more.

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