How to Keep Your Supply Chain Running When You Can’t Be on the Ground?

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By The Pro QC Quality Assurance Team

Covid-19 has undoubtedly had a major impact on the supply chain. Over the past few months, factory production has either been completely halted or slowed down considerably in most of the world. But now, as things start to get back on track and we look ahead, how do you get your supply chain back on track and fully functional when nobody can actually visit factories to make sure they’re operating in the way they should be? How do you get a factory audit done?

Under normal circumstances, one of the best ways to make sure your factory-partner is on track, is to go visit the supplier yourself. And when you need to check out a new factory or supplier, it’s an easy-call to get someone into the factory to conduct a supplier verification.

Factory Audit

However, normal circumstances may not apply for some time to come. Despite government restrictions slowly releasing around the world, it’s going to be difficult for many people to get back to travelling and conducting business the way they used to, as health hazards are likely to keep borders closed for a while longer.

Everyone is having to do things a little differently now, but we don’t want that to get in the way of how you keep your business moving. Pro QC can help you keep your company functioning smoothly.

With people on the ground in over 88 countries, Pro QC leverages not only extensive global ground-spread, but also extensive knowledge of local suppliers and existing relationships with many factories around the globe. We leverage our expertise across industries, with specialized teams set to help you manage quality control on everything from medical devices and medical personal protective equipment to automotive components to electronic chips to socks and other softgoods and apparel.

Our true talent, however, lies in how we manage our own chain of disciplines – we can help you handle everything from supplier development and supplier audits to everything related to meeting vendor compliance standards. And you don’t even need to be on an aircraft to visit your supplier.

With it becoming increasingly difficult for anyone to actually physically visit factories due to health concerns or local government regulations, Pro QC decided to take our skill set one step further. We created a remote supplier verification service, which enables us to leverage our factory relationships and simultaneously continue to conduct a supplier verification through a remote audit.

With a 24-hour turnaround, we request very specific photo evidence of factory floors and certifications from the suppliers, and also utilize our existing relationships with contacts in individual regions to assess the legitimacy of the vendor and how they are working to get a genuine, good quality product across to our clients.

As Covid-19 continues to throw new curveballs at all of us, Pro QC wants to make sure your essential products and services continue to be manufactured at the highest quality and delivered in the fastest speed possible. We are constantly innovating our third-party audit capabilities and increasing our remit of light-touch audits that can be conducted remotely.

Get in touch with us to find out more about how we can help lend our quality services to keep your business moving in these unprecedented times.

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