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02 Apr 2024

What is a Second-Party Audit?

In this article, Pro QC International provides a comprehensive overview of second-party audits. We explore their origins, the […]

29 Mar 2024

Textile Inspection: A Complete Guide and Quality Control Checklist

The global textile trade is a multi-billion-dollar industry, with fabrics and garments crisscrossing oceans to meet the demands […]

20 Feb 2024

Manufacturing in Malaysia: Opportunities, Challenges & Quality Control

One of Southeast Asia’s most discrete markets, Malaysia has long been a hotbed of activity in the semiconductor […]

27 Dec 2023

Supplier Audits: Everything You Need to Know

The importance of supplier audits cannot be overstated. They serve as a crucial backbone in maintaining the integrity, […]

27 Dec 2023

Auto Part Inspection: Quality Control Method and Checklist (backing plate)

With the automotive industry continually evolving, propelled by technological advancements, and shifting market demands, the auto parts sector […]

27 Dec 2023

Pro QC is Launching a New Spanish Website

Pro QC International announces the launch of its new Spanish website, proqc.es. This strategic expansion is a testament […]

06 Dec 2023

Are Pre-Shipment Inspections Overrated?

"Is a pre-shipment inspection worth the time and investment?" This question, at first glance, might seem to challenge […]

17 Nov 2023

Product Sorting in Vietnam – How Pro QC Manages Sorting Projects

The impact of poor product quality can severely harm an organization’s reputation and financial health. But how can […]

19 Oct 2023

How to Conduct a Gap Analysis and Implement an Effective QMS

A robust and effective Quality Management System (QMS) is essential for any organization aiming to deliver high-quality products […]

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