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ASQ’s Quality Progress July issue discusses the “Blog Bloom” and incorporates feedback from a few of the Influential Voices in the industry.

I’m delighted to say that I’ve been an Influential Voice from the start.  It’s been a truly rewarding experience, and I’m excited to be included in this issue.

In the QP article, I discuss my role as an ASQ Influential Voice blogger and incorporate the PDCA cycle where managing your online presence is concerned.  I’ll actually be discussing this topic in more detail through upcoming webinars and workshops scheduled through HCC’s Institute for Corporate & Continuing Education.

One thing I didn’t discuss is the impact on the industry I believe we have had through this blog. The significance is worth a mention…

The idea for When Quality Matters came up a few years ago as a way to share our expertise with others involved in sourcing and connect our team of quality engineers and professionals across all 39 countries.  We wanted something separate from our more promotional focused website; a place where current industry trends and other topics could be discussed in more detail.

Pro QC’s blog and the articles we contribute are meant to answer common questions we receive from an inside perspective.  It includes articles that discuss hacks to make QA/QC easier and more data driven.  It’s advice from years of experience working with manufacturers and companies of all sizes to ultimately reduce their quality risks and cost.  It’s been a worthwhile endeavor in all respects. As the primary contributor, I also find it to be a continuous learning experience.

So, while I did want to take the opportunity to share the article, I felt it was important to express the significance of Pro QC in this and the impact it has had on myself as a blogger and others who could use what we hope to be helpful insight and advice.

Join the Google hangout on July 23rd… “A conversation with ASQ bloggers on how quality professionals can use social media. We’ll talk with Dan Zrymiak, Jennifer Stepniowski, Mark Graban, and Jimena Calfa, all of whom blog for ASQ’s Influential Voices program.”

Other: Interesting blogging statistics referenced in the QP article via Social Media Today.

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