What is APQP?

Advanced Product Quality Planning, APQP, exists to ensure suppliers and manufacturers produce products that meet or exceed customer expectations. It is considered a structured approach to the design and development of new products and manufacturing processes.

As part of Pro QC’s Supplier Development services, APQP incorporates the Deming Cycle, or PDCA.

Plan – Technology & Concept Development

Do – Product/Process Development & Prototype Development

Check – Confirmation Product & Validation Process

Act – Continuous Improvement

With APQP, upfront planning and output review work together to support continuous improvement. Suppliers understand the requirements of all parties, and an approved product design reflects this.

The process includes:

  • Prepare (Organize)
  • Plan & Define (Customer Requirements)
  • Product Design & Development (Features & Characteristics)
  • Process Design & Development (Manufacturing System & Control Plans)
  • Product & Process Validation (Validates Manufacturing Process)
  • Feedback, Assessment & Corrective Action (Evaluate Output)


Commitment from top management, in addition to clarity of purpose and a disciplined approach, is required for a successful APQP. Pro QC provides the resources and knowledge that are also required for a successful program. Contact us for additional information.

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