Sourcing Quality Solutions

There are a variety of quality solutions that reduce costs and risk throughout the sourcing process. Connecting solutions to benefits is a compelling way to communicate the salience of quality. A few examples include:

Product Development

Detailed technical specifications and criteria assist in obtaining supplier quotations and with ensuring product later meets or exceeds expectations. Product documentation is key to getting maximum value from QC on-sites.

Product testing confirms if the product is meeting applicable standards requirements, or other requirements as necessary.

Supplier Selection

Identifying and/or validating suppliers makes selection a strategic and reliable process. Conducting initial supplier evaluations provides comparison data and further increases confidence that potential suppliers will meet your needs now and in the long-term.


Manufacturing (Quality & Delivery Performance) 

On-site inspections throughout the manufacturing process are the best way to identify non-conformances early in the production process. Identifying and resolving issues prior to shipment reduces costs. It helps helps ensure the customer gets what they expect.


Order tracking and container loading supervision avoids costly shipment delays. There’s no better time to demonstrate the importance of this than when Chinese New Year approaches!

Supplier (Vendor) Management 

Maintaining key performance data supports the decision making process, in addition to continuous improvement. Quality tools offer multiple ways of collecting and analyzing data for this purpose.

How do you utilize quality solutions throughout the sourcing process? Throughout the supply chain?


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