Quantifying the Importance of Quality in 2015 (US Market)

Quality Magazine recently posted an article related to the importance of quality and other interesting observations regarding their 15th Annual Spending Survey.

The article indicates a positive increase in spending where quality is concerned, along with other key indicators showing support and acknowledgment of the importance of quality.  Two highlights worth noting include:

1) About half (49%) said the importance of quality has increased compared to a year ago.


2) The top three spending categories were general test, measurement and inspection equipment (69%); gages and gaging systems (65%); and test and inspection services (53%).


Michael L. Hetzel, Pro QC’s VP/Americas, was recently interviewed and discussed trends in logistics and supply chain.  At Pro QC , we are looking forward to supporting the increasing focus on quality as not only a competitive advantage, but a necessity for success in the marketplace.  Providing solutions, we reduce quality risk and cost.

The full article via Quality Magazine can be found here.

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