Quality videos worth watching… Our favorites this week

We’ve selected a few of our favorite quality related videos and wanted to share.

The Ingredients of Quality Management – You’ll be hungry after this one, but it’s a great introduction.

Modern Chairs’ – A Total Quality Management Training Video – “Made in the style of Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times, the intention is to teach teamwork, production line processes, process optimisation, defects, quality, and continual improvement Kaizen.” At 10.5 minutes, it’s lengthy but worth the watch for entertainment value alone. Anyone in the quality industry can appreciate this one.

The Handy Guide to Quality (CQI) – We’ve shared this one before, but it’s a great introductory example.

Basic Tools in Quality Tools (NC State University) – By the end of this one, you’ll construct and employ the Pareto diagram, cause and effect diagram, process flow diagram, check sheets, histograms and control charts.

What are your favorites?





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