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downloadOver the past few months, I’ve reached out to our team asking them to share their advice to manufacturers regarding ensuring quality.  Our team’s responses are included here:

What words of advice would you give manufacturers about ensuring quality?

“Never stop improving your system, structure and process to stay competitive. Implement a continuous improvement process with regular slight adjustments and optimization rather than waiting for the day you need to take extreme measures. Finally you can’t inspect quality; the factory has to produce quality products. With our experience we can help them to get to this level and maintain it.” ~Thomas Kaiser (General Manager, Germany)

“Always make quality your priority, because good quality equals trust and that is something you don’t want to loose.” ~Nancy Barroso (Account Manager, Latin America)

“To manufacturers, I would explain that ensuring quality means clients’ satisfaction, high clients’ retention and more orders being placed to them.” ~Bruno Singier (Sales & Marketing Director, Europe, Middle-East & Asia)

“People at all levels of an organization are part of it, so they can be fully involved in achieving its quality process or system. Quality is a fulfillment of expectations.” ~Jancy Venkatesh (Office Coordinator, India)

“First importance is the quality system and the people. Also, management must have a sense and commitment for quality.” ~Cynthia Liu (Business Team Manager, China)

“Manufacturers should have a formal quality management system and actively control every process in the system. Also, use quality tools for regular checks and improvements.” ~Nick Chen (Technical Supervisor, China)

“Deployment of quality reduces the cost. Driving quality means working on first time right.”  ~Ajay Pandey (Country Manager, India)

“Quality must be in the process and not just the final product. Good raw materials and good process gives you good quality.” ~Santiago Munoz (Testing, China)

What would you add? 

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