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There are a considerable number of benefits associated with outsourcing.  As a third-party quality assurance provider (3PQ), we ultimately seek to be an extension of our clients’ organizations.  In reducing sourcing risks and costs, this partnership has significant value:

Benefits of Outsourcing

We reached out to a few of our key clients and asked for their opinion regarding the value of outsourcing quality…

“With an expanding business, we needed to ensure that the quality of our products were checked and maintained at a high level all year round. Lowe Alpine has a long history as a trusted gear supplier, and we want that to continue. Pro QC has helped us to achieve this with the provision of professional inspection staff and detailed and clear reporting procedures.” 

Rob McLellan, Senior Developer (Packs Design), Lowe Alpine

“We’ve used Pro QC to sort out problems when customers have complained, along with using Pro QC inspection data as a guideline along with data from our clients in order to define skip-lot intervals. We use Pro QC to make our suppliers better. Some of our clients have visited and audited the suppliers and can’t believe the improvements in quality and conformance.”

Paul Pechacek, Corporate Quality Engineer, Waterloo

“QA is tremendously important, and we didn’t have the process in place with our vendors in Asia other than relying on the suppliers to make the highest quality products. We wanted someone who could independently represent us in reviewing processes and checking final goods. Pro QC is our outsource QA department worldwide.”

Jeffrey Breeden, COO & Chief Merchant, Cooks Direct

“With Pro QC we now have a global partner that truly understands what it takes to achieve high quality standards. They have helped us develop our quality standards and set objectives. In addition, we look to Pro QC to help us in communicating methods and processes that help assure our quality needs are met consistently.”

John Diorio, VP of Supply Chain Management, Meadowcraft

“We consult on a regular basis and especially when we are approaching a new manufacturer or a new development project. We normally visit our perspective suppliers together and join our expertise in what I call the ‘supplier picking’ art. Once in production, the inspection, audit and follow-up activity are precious to stabilize the quality output so that we have a smooth delivery flow.”

Pierangelo Laghi, Product & Process Quality Manager, Technogym

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How do you gain value from outsourcing quality? 

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