Quality Assurance & Quality Control Services in Italy

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Quality Assurance & Quality Control Services in Italy

For more than 35 years, we have been providing Quality Assurance and Quality Control services in Italy. Pro QC International was established in 1984 from the strategic vision of providing the best quality solutions to help companies secure their global supply chain.

We offer bespoke quality solutions throughout Italy including Milan, Como, Turin, Venice, Rome, Florence, Naples, Verona, Bergamo, Bologna, Rimini, Lecco, Reggio Emilia, Belluno, Parma, Carrara, and many more towns & cities. Our trained inspectors and certified auditors cover a large range of industries and our goal is to provide a high quality of service matching your needs by improving factory performance, ensuring the reliability of your suppliers and assessing product quality.

Our team of engineers and project managers work together with you and your suppliers to help you reduce the risk of receiving poor quality products. We customize all our services according to your requirements and we allocate our resources for short- and long-term projects. Our range of quality control services in Italy include:

Pro QC adapted its services to match buyers’ needs. We cover the following industries:

  • Softlines: luxury goods, textile & garments, leather goods, footwear, glasses, jewelry, fashion accessories, bags, promotional items, cosmetics…
  • Hardlines: medical devices, electronics, electrical, machinery, mechanical parts, metal items, households & kitchen appliances, furniture, decoration, light fixtures, toys, e-bikes, solar panels, packaging…
  • Industrials: industrial components, welding, plastics & rubbers, pumps, molds, electric conductors, air pumps, die casting, metallurgy, steel, metal scraps…
  • Automotive Industry: Batteries, transmissions, bearings, engines, electronical & electrical components, mechanical components, bolts, seats, brakes, wheels & tires, painting, motorcycles…
  • Oil & Gas: Non-Destructive Testing (NDT), ARAMCO QM series, coating (NACE), pipeline, heat exchangers, valves, ASME pressure vessels and boilers…

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Product Inspections in Italy

We support our clients with inspection services at all stages of the production process, from inspection of the first part before the mass production to inspection of the finished product. As an Inspection Company in Italy, our range of quality inspection services includes:

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Factory & Supplier Audits in Italy

We provide quality audits in Italy to ensure that your suppliers deliver high quality products, operate efficiently and support continuous growth. Our audit teams are composed of degreed and certified auditors. Sent within 24 hours after the service, our reports deliver the necessary information to take decisions.

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Supplier Management

Our Supplier Management service in Italy is 100% customized to your needs and helps you solve production and compliance issues. For example, we support you in solving your quality issues, preparing for certifications, conforming to international standards, training your quality department, improving your factory performance and more.

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Vendor Compliance

Mandatory supplier compliance programs are becoming more common. Suppliers must comply with large retailer requirements in order to work with them. We help you succeed in this process. We support companies in complying with requirements of big retailers such as Carrefour, Nike, Amazon, Zara, Walmart, Costco, Lowe’s, and many others.

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Global Solutions

Product Quality

At Pro QC, we understand how critical product quality is to your business. We offer first-article, in-process and pre-shipment inspections to identify quality problems at each stage of production. Our product quality offerings also include sorting or rework service along with functional and performance testing at our labs in Ningbo, China and Monterrey, Mexico.

System Audit & Compliance

Supplier audits provide visibility into the supplier’s management system, processes, and products. These assessments are essential to ensure your suppliers qualifications and capabilities as well as their compliance to the required standards for your industry or jurisdiction. Our services also include pre-audits, corrective action plans or formal audit preparation.

Supplier Management

Our Supplier Management solution is for suppliers that fail to meet quality or performance objectives. We first identify the root-cause of the quality issues and then produce a corrective action plan. Implementation of the corrective actions and conducting regular on-site reviews will ensure your supplier exceeds your expectations and achieves sustainable improvement.

Vendor Compliance

Pro QC ensures suppliers comply with mandatory compliance terms set by major international retailers. International retail standards usually include a responsible sourcing & vendor code of conduct. We develop and monitor corrective action and preventative action plans and regularly follow up with suppliers for retailers such as Walmart, Lowe’s and many more.

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In addition to North America, Pro QC International has been offering services in over 88 countries since 1984.


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We offer services in over 88 countries and we are continuously expanding our network.

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Our inspectors and auditors are degreed engineers with at least 5 years of experience.


Pro QC has been providing quality assurance, engineering and consulting services since 1984.


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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Identify problems early and reduce associated rework costs later. Identifying problems early also helps avoid potential shipment delays.
  • Ensure the end product meets your customers’ expectations.
  • Partnering with a 3rd party provider often reduces travel expenses, internal resource allocation and offers an unbiased assessment.
  • Pro QC uses knowledgeable and experienced QC engineers.

Quality inspections can be scheduled online directly here. Or, clients and/or suppliers can contact account managers directly for assistance with coordination. Contact us at info@proqc.com for additional information.

Pro QC’s inspection reports are uploaded to an online database within 24 hours of completion. Clients receive an emailed notification when posted.

Each report outlines the audit scope and includes recommendations, strength’s of the quality system and manufacturing process, and opportunities for improvement (weaknesses). An audit result based on the percent of conformances vs. non-conformances is provided.

Review example reports here. https://proqc.com/services/sample-reports

Pro QC International provides quality control services in 88 countries. Click here to see the full list

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