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We reached out to our team and were curious to know what they liked about working in the quality industry.

Here’s what they had to say:

Ajay Pandey, Country Manager (India)

“It impacts the life of society”

Nancy Barroso, Account Manager for Latin America/ Project Coordinator/ BTM  (Mexico)

“I enjoy working in quality because it allows me to help ensure that our clients actually receive what they pay for, the quality in a product will speak of the client and we help make sure that it is always great. “

Bruno Singier, Sales & Marketing Director – Europe, Middle-East & Asia (Taiwan)

“I like working in quality because we highly participate in improving systems and products and we also participate in the presence of safe products on the market.”

Cynthia Liu, Business Team Manager (China)

“I like that we find issues and correct them before customers receive the products.”

Jancy Venkatesh, Office Coordinator (India) 

“It is being involving with different products/methods and there is something new there for everyday learning.”

Nick Chen, Technical Supervisor (China) 

“I moved my job from production to quality to make sure products are OK to use for customers and to make sure people see China as a quality producer.”

Thomas Kaiser, General Manager (Germany)

“I enjoy the day-to-day challenge for different services in different industries. There is no routine even manufacturer problems are repeating factory by factory. Finding solutions for each factory will always need an individual touch to support best their current / future structure and methods.”

Santiago Munoz, Testing Services (China)

“Making things better.”

Jennifer Stepniowski, Communications Director (United States) 

“I enjoy working in quality because it’s an industry where you can really make a difference… You can increase profitability for businesses and at the same time ensure products are safe and meet or exceed consumer expectations.  Considering quality incorporates social responsibility and sustainability, the industry allows for opportunities to make a difference in a broader scope as well.”


What do you love about quality? 


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