Quiz: How Passionate Are You About Quality?

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Are you a Quality Aficionado?

Use the Likert-type scale below to answer the 20 questions, and then total up your score.

Strongly Disagree>  1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5  <Strongly Agree

  1. You notice non-conformances in products when you go shopping. You may or may not speculate what the root cause could be.
  2. You notice inefficiencies in the processes of various organizations you interact with outside of work. You often identify how you would do it better.
  3. Customer ratings have a significant weight on your personal purchase decision-making process.
  4. You notice the word “quality” whenever it’s referenced in a company name or other commercial message.
  5. You love data (metrics).
  6. You’ve had more than one conversation with family and friends about the importance of quality.
  7. You have an appreciation for “quality quotes” and have shared them on social media.
  8. You enjoy problem solving.
  9. When you set goals, they’re SMART.
  10. You know what it means to be a “quality guru” and can identify one or more of them.
  11. You’ve said “quality over quantity” out loud more than once.
  12. You think of Toyota as more than just a car manufacturer.
  13. You see continuous improvement as a way of life.
  14. You would wear a shirt out in public that said, “I love quality.”
  15. You believe quality is everyone’s responsibility.
  16. You work in a quality-related field.
  17. You have taken one or more workshops, webinars, etc. related to quality and have enjoyed them.
  18. You are or have been a member of ASQ or another quality-related association.
  19. You have or have thought about obtaining a quality certification.
  20. You have no problem paying more for something if it’s a better quality product, or if it’s from a socially responsible organization.

Almost done…

Now, total up your scores and match below:

0-40 Quality Indifferent 

You wouldn’t consider yourself a quality expert and don’t spend a lot of time thinking about it. You have no particular interest in quality and find yourself to be generally unconcerned. Find a Quality Aficionado and spend some time with them right away!

41-79 Quality Enthusiast

You’ve certainly got an appreciation for quality and apply it to both your work and personal life. You recognize the significance of quality in everyday life and incorporate it some of the time. You find yourself highly interested in the topic and seek to learn more. Don’t stop learning!

80-100 Quality Aficionado  

You are a cheerleader for quality. You love it and have integrated it almost seamlessly into your personal and professional life. You influence others around you and truly believe continuous improvement is a way of life. Quality is ingrained in who you are, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

At Pro QC, we work with Quality Aficionados that have a passion for the industry and for what they do. We have over three decades of experience and offer quality consulting and engineering services in over 39 countries. Contact us for more information!

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