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By The Pro QC Quality Assurance Team

Who are the Pro QC Supplier Management Team?

We’re a team within Pro QC – we’re equipped to help add value to your supply chain by assessing and measuring your risks, finding solutions to proactively reduce your risk, facilitating the implementation, and ultimately improving and controlling the performance of your suppliers.

Pro QC Supplier Management Team

What exactly does the Pro QC Supplier Management Team do?

We’re like a factory doctor – when something isn’t quite right with the performance of your supply chain, we go in and diagnose the problem. Our role is to prescribe corrective actions to help your supply chain efficiency improve to the point of recovery, and then we ensure it continues to perform at the top level.

Why do you need Supplier Management?

In the same way, as a person wants to be proactive about keeping good health in order to avoid falling ill and having to go visit the doctor when in crisis, Supplier Management is a proactive measure using industry best practice to ensure your business remains healthy and functioning at its optimal best.

Our team’s job is to evaluate any issues that may arise throughout the supply chain, identify areas of improvement, and while fixing any problems, also ensuring that preventative measures are put into place to prevent future issues. We do this through three key areas:

  1. Supplier identification and qualification,
  2. Performance management and
  3. Risk and compliance.

See our Supplier Management page for more details.

Why is Vendor Compliance so important to this process?

When we talk about Vendor Compliance, we’re basically ensuring that your people are openly talking to the people who make decisions about whether your product gets a spot on their shelves. For example, most large retailers have in-house compliance firms, which are there to ensure that any product being supplied to them meets a few criteria in order to be approved for sale from their shelves. Anything coming off the factory assembly line needs to meet high-quality standards, and subsequently comply with a brand’s ethos and security measures before you can sell to them – we help you get there.

See our Vendor Compliance for more details.

How can we help you achieve positive outcomes in today’s competitive market?

It’s a competitive market out there, and we all need a bit of a nudge sometimes.

We take our role seriously – and we’re there to play the part of the factory coach. We’ll guide you through bringing the performance of your supply chain up to the industry standard and give you those nudges every now and then to make sure you’re staying on track.

The ways we can help you are not always black and white. For example, if your production seems like it has lost speed, and you don’t understand why – we can take a look and advise you on where the proverbial screws have come a little loose, and how you can tighten them.

The root cause of issues can range from anything to do with internal people clashes, poor leadership, lack of training, to more systemic shortcomings. Based on a holistic picture which our team can assess, we come back to our clients with the list of problems and work with them on how we can resolve them, step by step.

What kind of expertise does the Pro QC Supplier Management Team Leverage?

Our skillsets include Six Sigma Master Black Belts, Black Belts, Green Belts and Lean experts, mechanical and electric engineers, as well as specialized auditors who can cater to your specific product category questions.

Why should you choose Pro QC for your business?

Many supply chain operators don’t realize that there is a far more sophisticated side to managing a healthy supply chain. We are a team that goes beyond basic Quality Assurance and Quality Compliance inspections, with our diverse expertise enabling us to step back and really inspect all angles to help you achieve sustainable performance.

We’re nimble. You don’t have to worry about your job getting lost in an endless channel of approvals – we’re able to react very quickly in all corners of the process and give your business the attention it needs to move forward in good health.

And more than that, we’re a team that is really excited to help see your business perform and grow.

We’re here and ready to discuss your concerns and challenges in greater detail and design a solution that fits your requirements. Get in touch with Pro QC to find out how we can help you.

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