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As 2016 gets started, there’s reason to believe it will be a good year for quality.

We reached out and asked our clients and partners what their quality goals are for the year. We received some positive and reassuring feedback.

Common quality objectives and a few helpful resources include:

  • Establish (or improve) a supplier evaluation program. 

    • Download our reference document that discusses Selecting & Monitoring Suppliers.
    • Review some of our audit and inspection reports to assist with identifying considerations.
  • Utilize existing inspection data to identify trends and make improvements.

    • Check out a previous blog post where we use inspection data and a fishbone diagram to determine root cause.
    • Follow-up when opportunities for improvement exist.  For example, consider a process audit when consistent defect trends are noted.
  • Evaluate new suppliers.

    • Review our example Initial Supplier Evaluation report form.  We’ve identified the key areas you’ll want to consider.
    • Check out a previous blog post where we use a grid analysis to help in new supplier selection.

For some New Year quality inspiration, check out our Quality Quotes page.  Add any of your favorites to the comments!

“The new year stands before us like a chapter in a book waiting to be written. We can help write that story by setting goals.” ~Melody Beattie


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