Retailers Tighten Supplier Sourcing Requirements to Highlight Social Responsibility, Security and Environmental Stewardship


Tampa, FL/USA – April 3, 2017

Mandatory vendor compliance programs are becoming more common when seeking to work with larger retailers or industrial organizations. Most have identified their own codes of conduct and/or other detailed supplier compliance requirements that often require frequent, unannounced evaluations for successful ongoing partnerships.

Vendor compliance programs are created as an effort to improve supply chains and solutions. Retailers, associations and others are leveraging international standards and ensuring supply-chain transparency to key stakeholders.

In general, retailers such as Walmart, Lowe’s, Dicks Sporting Goods, etc. are requiring suppliers show environmental sustainability and financial integrity, in addition to ensuring workers’ safety, health, and wages. ISO 26000, SA8000 and ISO 14001 are applicable guidelines and standards often used to develop these requirements.

Ed Sanchez, Pro QC International’s Managing Director, advised, “compliance to responsible sourcing requirements can be costly if suppliers are located abroad. At Pro QC, we work with our clients and their suppliers on-site to provide local expertise and a comprehensive solution. Depending on the retailer requirements, our audit team conducts preliminary evaluations to identify non-conformances. Then, we create an improvement plan to address and resolve the issues noted. Our online services portal allows for access to reports and progress anytime. Clients appreciate avoiding penalties and delays when unannounced audits go smoothly and without any unexpected surprises. It’s expected to see overall supplier performance improve as a result of monitoring as well.”

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Regional Director, North America
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