Industry Leaders Recognize Quality & Raise Awareness Throughout November


Tampa, FL/USA – November 1, 2017

World Quality Day is recognized on November 9th this year. Throughout the month, the international community recognizes the importance of quality.

According to Chartered Quality Institute, “the purpose of World Quality Day is to promote awareness of quality around the world and encourage development and prosperity”

As a quality consulting and engineering organization offering over three decades of experience, Pro QC International connected with teams across the world and collected ideas that would raise awareness.

Spread awareness.

  • Tell friends, family and co-workers more about different opportunities within quality. Engage in an open discussion about its importance.
  • Host a special team meeting (celebration) at work and recognize World Quality Month. Talk about what the organization has done throughout the year to support quality and what future goals/objectives include.
  • Add quality to the agenda of a regularly scheduled meeting and encourage employees to submit quality improvement suggestions or learn more.
  • Send out an organization-wide email reinforcing the importance of quality and including additional references such as those listed below and other training opportunities that may be available.

Look inward.

  • Brainstorm ideas for improving quality within the organization. Get everyone involved. Distribute index cards and ask for suggestions related to improvements.
  • Perform an internal systems evaluation/audit to identify areas of improvement. Evaluate and plan for corrective action. Communicate support.

Use the tools.

  • Take the opportunity to incorporate a new quality tool the regular mix. See ongoing issues in a new way.
  • Setup training for staff that may not usually use quality tools and show how they can be incorporated into the efficiency of work and personal lives.
  • Purchase a copy of the Quality Toolbox for all managers.
  • Keep it going.
  • Quality isn’t something that should only be recognized for one month during the year. Continuous improvement is, in fact, the core of what quality means.
  • Continue with regular training of all staff in various quality principles and keep everyone in the organization informed regarding quality initiatives and progress.
  • Setup a World Quality Month planning committee to organize events for following years.

No matter how it’s observed, Pro QC’s Regional Director and ASQ Fellow, Jennifer Stepniowski, explains that “November also celebrates the quality professional, in that it recognizes and highlights the important role these individuals play within organizations of all sizes and industries. Within the industry, the value of quality is well known. But, November as World Quality Month allows the community an opportunity to demonstrate that to others as well.”

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