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New Day Imports Review by: Michael L. Hetzel, VP/Americas, Pro QC International (

New Day Imports, Inc. of Euless (Dallas area), Texas, USA (, is a procurement specialist sourcing a broad range of products and tooling from China. Categories include nuts, bolts, fasteners, stampings, textiles, automotive OEM components and injection molds to name but a few.

We interviewed Stephen Arrant, Import Director, about their experiences using Pro QC as their third-party quality provider for inspections and audits since they came to us about a year ago. Prior to using Pro QC, New Day was using one of the very large and well known European based 3PQs.

Stephen likes many things about Pro QC, including our online report delivery database and our reports with photos and other details. The database is “very user friendly” according to Stephen. He also compares us at length to our larger competitor, saying they “seemed too big for their britches” and “if you’re not spending US$1MM a year then you go to the back of the line.”

He continues with the comparison of the two companies; “Pro QC provides more personalized service, your man-day rate is less, and you only send out the people who are needed while the other guys send extra people and bill us for them.”

We reminded Stephen that at Pro QC our motto is “to be the best, not the biggest” – to which he replied that we’re on track. “With Pro QC, I can be halfway around the world and have piece of mind knowing services will be performed to my specs.”

For more information about New Day Imports, you can contact Stephen at or call him at +1-817-358-3333.

Pro QC account managers are ready to help you achieve the same results. To get started using Pro QC’s services to reduce your outsourcing risks and cost, contact us through our web site at

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