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Are you facing challenges related to quality or supplier compliance, and aren’t sure which solution will work best for you?

Pro QC can support your quality division through your product development milestones – take a look at the most commonly asked questions, and the solutions we offer to help you move your supply chain forward more rapidly.

Here are some of the concerns we cover:

  1. Supplier Quality Management Systems
  2. Ethics or labor standards
  3. Environmental Standards
  4. Supply chain security
  5. Big retailer compliance
  6. Increased cost of poor quality (COPQ)
  7. High defect rates
  8. Low confidence in the supplier inspection team
  9. Product damage during transit
  1. Supplier Quality Management Systems 

A few of the common questions and concerns around supplier quality management systems (QMS), include, but aren’t limited to:

  • You’ve identified a new supplier, and you want to ensure they have a solid QMS in place
  • Your supplier has moved production to a new facility, and you want to verify their QMS
  • Your supplier has a QMS certification already, but you want to check their level of compliance
  • Your factory or supplier has failed an audit and you need support to improve the QMS performance

Pro QC offers Quality Management System consulting services from gap analysis to corrective action plans and follow-up activities, with the following standards: ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 17025, ISO 22716, and IATF 16949.

Share your project with our quality experts and see how we can help alleviate your quality management systems and compliance level challenges.


  1. Ethics or labor standards

Ensuring social and ethical compliance is key to every business strategy. We often get questions that include:

  • You’ve identified a potential supplier and want to ensure they follow ethical compliance with workers’ rights and are in line with local regulations regarding topics including child labor, discrimination, health, and safety
  • You’re looking to certify your organization as socially compliant, with a certification such as SA8000
  • You want to ensure your supply chain is fully compliant with all relevant ethical and social standards

Pro QC’s solutions include a range of social and ethical compliance audits, including ISO 26000, SA 8000, and the Responsible Business Audit (RBA), among others. Get in touch with us for more on how we can help.


  1. Environmental standards

As environmental compliance leaps to top of mind for many organizations, we often hear questions that include:

  • You want to implement policies with clear environmental objectives that ensure your organization conforms with current legislations
  • You want to prepare for an ISO 14001 certification
  • You want to verify your supplier’s Environmental Management system

Pro QC’s environmental management solutions include ISO 14001. For more on how we can help, contact us with your project specifications.


  1. Supply chain security

    Systematic management of your end-to-end supply chain process is key to mitigating any potential risks. Some of the common concerns here include:
  • You import products into North America and need to comply with specific supply chain security regulations
  • You’re concerned about illegal trafficking as your products make their way through the transportation and warehouse process to reach their destination

Pro QC focuses on the C-TPAT Compliance Audit and the GSV Compliance audit among its offerings for supply chain security compliance. We can tell you more.


  1. Big retailer compliance

Retail compliance standards for big retailers include more specific processes and criteria that need to be fulfilled before vendors are onboarded. A failure to meet requirements can mean a penalization that can last for a large period of time. So how do you comply with the requirements of large retailers such as Walmart, Costco, Target, Lowe’s, or Home Depot?

Pro QC offers a comprehensive Vendor Compliance Solution. Find out more on how we can help you meet the requirements.


  1. Increased cost of poor quality (COPQ)

Manufacturing processes can yield many challenges. Some of the common ones we hear are:

  • You are dealing with a high amount of scrap materials
  • The factory capacity is wasted on scrap creation or rework
  • The cost of product recall is too high
  • Warranty claims are increasing

Pro QC can walk you through a Manufacturing Process Audit and ensure that new suppliers are pre-qualified to avoid poor quality concerns. Get in touch with us.


  1. High defect rates

Product evaluations don’t always go to perfect plan – finding a higher number of defective goods than there should be, is not the ideal situation. We hear these challenges quite often:

  • You found a high number of defects in the last shipment sent by your supplier, and you want to ensure inspections reduce this risk for your next production
  • You want to identify the root cause of defects in your production, and need to implement a corrective action plan to resolve future issues

Pro QC conducts comprehensive third-party quality inspections and can help you solve your product defect challenges.



  1. Low confidence in the supplier inspection team

Linked to the concerns we often hear about regarding higher-than-expected defect rates, is a low confidence vote in the supplier’s inspection team. Some of these concerns include:

  • You have passed an order from a supplier, but you would like an independent assessment on product quality to protect your interests and reduce risk
  • You received products with quality defects despite your supplier inspection team’s work to qualify the quality of products before shipment
  • The supplier inspection team consistently fails to identify quality defects

Pro QC’s third-party quality inspections can be the key to helping you resolve these challenges through its on-the-ground local consultants, who can work with your suppliers, and for you, seamlessly.


  1. Product damage during transit

Another common challenge includes receiving products that have been damaged during transit from the supplier. The causes for this can include the fact that the packaging did not meet your specifications, or that it was not quite right for the product. A lack of respect for proper loading methods is another challenge that can seem like it is beyond your control.

Pro QC recommends a range of loading supervision solutions in order to verify packaging integrity before shipments leave the supplier. Send your project details across to us to see how we can collaborate with you to prevent future failures.


Where can Pro QC help?

Pro QC provides quality assurance solutions in over 88 countries across Africa, Asia, North America, Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East. Learn more about our full global coverage at https://proqc.com/locations/


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