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Despite all the difficulties brought by the pandemic, Pro QC was able to solidify its position as a global quality solutions company. We were able to keep our team healthy and intact, increase our client and operational base, and continue providing quality solutions to our clients worldwide.


People Come First

During this time of uncertainty, our first priority was our team. As one of our main service markets, China was hit particularly hard during the Chinese New Year holiday. We quickly mobilized our teams globally to locate and ship PPE to China and other impacted offices for all of our staff and Engineers in the field. We immediately closed all offices located in ‘hot spots’ and only operated at 50% capacity upon reopening at appropriate times later in 2020. Our offices in India stayed closed for an entire year until reopening earlier this month at 50% capacity. To date, no staff member has reported being infected by the virus.

Despite the restrictions and tenuous global economic situation, we were able to retain all of our staff during the pandemic and grow our teams worldwide. We also established our in-house legal team and expanded the Sales, Operations, and Human Resources departments. The Human Resources department had the pleasure of introducing a new Global Head of HR: Eman Elkasaby, who, along with the rest of the team, has had a key role during these challenging times.
Growth & Focus
Even though the pandemic and global crisis are ongoing, the early returns show that we will come out stronger. By strengthening our position in many markets, we were able to ensure that, while our clients were not able to travel to their production sites, we could step in to ensure their supply chains stay intact and their supplier and product quality met their internal requirements.Our team responded with flexibility, empathy, and enhanced quality services which allowed us to meet the requirements of a wider group of clients in all our global markets. Our numbers back this up: our client numbers and sales both showed significant growth in 2020. Even with this growth, we are not resting on our laurels and are committed to maintaining our focus on customized quality solutions and our relentless customer-first approach.

Quality Is Our Motto

Can we succeed without improving the quality of our services and the capabilities of our team? The answer is a resounding “No”. To meet our clients’ needs, and keep our team motivated, we live ‘continuous improvement’. Employee training and development was at the core of our improvement plans for 2020 and this has continued into 2021.

We implemented a new e-learning system, offered a sales development course to our global Sales teams, and delivered 47 other training modules to our employees. As for our services, we initiated an in-depth review of service report quality and a program of renovation of service report templates. Our key operations offices continued to maintain their certifications, in particular, the jewel of our South American team, the ISO 17025 accredited lab in Monterrey, Mexico. We also updated our global website, which now includes significantly more quality-rich content and three new languages.

Challenges Lead to Innovation

As we grow, find new clients, and reach new markets, our quality assurance services broaden, become more customized to our client’s requirements, and are ultimately delivered more efficiently. In 2020, we continued developing our  Supplier Management and Audit Services

to improve the manufacturing processes of our clients’ factories and suppliers. We also rolled out several complex supplier onboarding and audit programs for clients across the world.As a response to the pandemic, we now offer remote services which help our clients maintain production and meet local or international regulations throughout periods of lockdown. We even expanded our services to industries such as automotive, medical, and renewable energy. We feel confident in our current strategy and long-term outlook and are creating new key technical positions to increase our depth of technical expertise and improve internal knowledge transfer in these industries.

We Work for The Community

Pro QC’s impact goes well beyond our services. What we do every day needs to have a positive impact on the lives of our clients, employees, and society at large. As we have always done, we ensure companies bring safe products to the market, keeping millions of consumers safe. 2020 was no exception.

We not only kept our promise of increasing quality standards for a wide range of products all over the world, but we also helped clients avoid fraudulent sellers of PPE and ensured they received reliable masks, gowns, and other critical medical products. We also take pride in making sure the working conditions in the factories that produce those products meet international standards.

How do we face the future?

We have been fortunate enough to thrive during a period of global crisis. We have made our team stronger, more qualified, and ready to respond to our clients’ needs. As we continue our 38th year in business, we are thankful for our continued success and look forward to taking even greater strides in 2021.

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