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Tampa, FL/USA – April 4, 2016

A study conducted in Sweden by Malardalen University has estimated equipment downtime cost constitutes an estimated 23.9% from the total manufacturing cost ratio and 13.3% from planned production time.

Recognizing the impact of downtime as a result of cooling equipment failures, Pro QC International is leveraging over three decades of experience providing quality control and engineering solutions in factories across the world.

Pro QC Technical Services has launched as a new service unit dedicated specifically to after sales services for a variety of machinery. Whether it involves installation, commission, repairs or spare part replacements, Pro QC aims to support its global clientele 365 days a year, 24/7.

Clients benefiting from Pro QC’s Technical Services include end-users looking for local support in Asia, Europe and the United States, as well as machinery manufacturers from the west that are selling their products to Asia but may not have dedicated after-sales support units in each of the markets to which they sell.

Pro QC’s Business Development Manager in Tampa, Florida has worked in several manufacturing environments, including aerospace and automotive. When asked about the value of after-sales service, Dave comments “business success relies not only on newer electronics, automated tooling and employees, but on the environment as well. A well run shop controls the environment to maximize productivity and minimize equipment and employee downtime. Issues with equipment often contribute to preventable injuries and poor quality.”

Pro QC has a reputation for employing highly qualified and skilled professionals. Pro QC’s Technical Services are no different, employing certified, highly experienced service engineers that are able to apply specific training and knowledge on-site. From simple repairs to large-scale engineering projects that require consultative services, Pro QC provides cost-effective solutions to site owners/operators.

To learn more, visit Pro QC’s Technical Service website at

Pro QC International provides quality control and engineering solutions in over 38 countries. Whether we’re testing products, auditing suppliers, inspecting shipments or managing corrective actions, our skilled team of QA professionals represents the quality interests of our clients at factories worldwide.

Jennifer Stepniowski
Regional Director, North America
14502 N Dale Mabry Highway
Tampa, FL 33618

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