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Initial Supplier Evaluation Program

We understand not all factories will voluntarily pursue a certified ISO 9001 Quality Management System (QMS). Some factories can produce good quality products without adhering to a QMS. However, that is the exception rather than the norm.

The Initial Supplier Evaluation is a Pro QC audit designed and tailored to help purchasing managers conduct a rapid but comprehensive one day assessment of any factory’s quality assurance standards. The assessment result provides purchasing managers and quality personnel enhanced data and transparency on the factory’s quality best practices. It can then be used to inform the final decision on whether to confirm the purchase order.

The Initial Supplier Evaluation is suitable for any industry. Our auditors perform an on-site survey of the factory. The resulting report details their general operations, quality procedures, operator qualification and overall capability.

Who Can Use This Service

The Initial Supplier Evaluation is a cost-effective way for anyone from one-time buyers to large multi-national companies to assess the legitimacy of a supplier and ensure they are making the right purchasing decision. For larger companies, the evaluation becomes an integral part of a supplier performance management program.

Our clients often find this a more cost-effective way to rapidly assess one or many suppliers compared to the more complex (and costly) ISO 9001 assessment. It is a win-win for both the client and the supplier.

The funnel diagram below depicts how the Initial Supplier Evaluation is an integral part of a purchasing organization’s overall quality assessment and supplier management processes. This process ensures that the right supplier is added to the portfolio or earmarked for strategic investment.

Supplier Management

Initial Supplier Evaluation as part of Supplier Management

Managing and auditing suppliers is a time consuming and resource intensive activity for both the purchasing team and factories. Pro QC often suggests clients to use the Initial Supplier Evaluation as a cost-effective tool to filter out any poor performing existing suppliers. Once a subset of suppliers is chosen, we encourage a more extensive Quality Management System audit, such as the ISO 9001:2015 or any other relevant global auditing standard.

Initial Supplier Evaluation Criteria

Pro QC’s Initial Supplier Evaluation report provides critical insights into any supplier’s level of general operation excellence. The evaluation is structured to provide additional focus on best practices critical to the quality of your products. It aids in the mitigation of sourcing risks and enhanced supply chain management. The diagram below provides a brief overview of the scope of the Pro QC Initial Supplier Evaluation.

Use the contact form above or at the bottom of the page to request more information about Initial Supplier Evaluations or any other supplier management service.

Other Standards?

Other Quality Management System standards follow a similar structure and milestones. Our team can provide the same services described above or a bespoke approach to meet any supplier validation or certification requirements. Visit our Factory and Supplier Audit page to explore our wide range of supplier management solutions.

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