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Supplier On-Site Verification

On-site verification by a quality professional provides insight and assurance regarding a potential supplier’s capabilities. A verification evaluation answers the following questions:

  • How many employees work there?
  • How many years have they been in business?
  • Who are their top three customers and what percent of sales do they make up?
  • What does the factory look like?
  • What equipment is available on-site?
  • How many production lines are there?
  • Does the supplier subcontract anything to other suppliers?
  • What is the supplier’s production capacity?

Factory Audits (QMS)

This on-site evaluation focuses on evaluating the quality management system using the ISO 9001 model. The idea is to gain assurances on a number of applicable topics through objective evidence. In general, the auditor looks at the following and provides an analysis of conformances and non-conformances:

  • Management
  • Engineering
  • QC & Assurance
  • Incoming Receiving Inspection
  • Manufacturing
  • Packaging
  • Non-Conforming Materials
  • Corrective Action
  • Inspection & Test Equipment

Specialized & Combination Audits

Depending on the industry or other factors, specialized audits might be required. For example, many stakeholders now demand organizations support their social responsibility claims with on-site audits. SA8000 or other social-based audits specialize in topics related specifically to the workforce and human rights issues. Other examples include:

  • Automotive IATF ISO/TS 16949
  • Medical Devices ISO 13485
  • Environmental ISO 14001
  • GMP
  • C-TPAT (Security)
  • Vendor Compliance (Walmart, Dick’s Sporting Goods, BJs, etc.)
  • Combination (Social, Security & QMS)

Find example reports here:

Pro QC's Solution Matrix

Pro QC is Your Partner in Quality

red-checkmark Stability

Pro QC is an established and reliable organization, providing quality assurance, engineering and consulting services since 1984.

red-checkmark Global Presence

Pro QC offers services in 88 countries and growing. When services are required in an area where coverage is currently not available, we are able to secure local engineers or arrange travel for our engineers in order to accommodate the request.

red-checkmark Experienced, Degreed Engineers

Pro QC’s professional and knowledgeable staff represents your interests on-site. Our inspectors and supervisors are degreed engineers. Our staff offers experience in a variety of industries from toys to aerospace, including consumer retail, textiles/fabrics, electrical/electronics, housewares, medical, and many more.

red-checkmark Scheduling Flexibility

Pro QC understands the unpredictable nature of sourcing and the importance of meeting critical deadlines. We schedule accordingly, which often means accommodating last minute requests.

red-checkmark Timely Feedback

Pro QC offers online reporting, with detailed reports provided within 24 hours of completion. Our web resident database provides scheduling information and report access anytime, from anywhere.

red-checkmark Dedicated Account Managers

Pro QC employs regional account managers who are available to assist clients 24/7.

red-checkmark Scalability

Pro QC maintains an advanced HR system that enables a high degree of scalability worldwide. We routinely manage project demand fluctuations within and across countries. We are able to train and deploy engineers within days, for projects of all sizes, so that bookings are completed in the time required.

How Does Your Supplier Stack Up?

Complies With Requirements
Improvement Needed
Doesn’t Comply With Requirements


In addition to supporting our efforts to pass the audit, we wanted to ensure that Wahl was doing the ‘right things’ for our employees. Jean is very honest, knowledgeable, hardworking and dedicated to the project. He provided educated feedback that helped us balance best practices and business requirements. I am confident that we would not have made the progress without Jean’s support, nor do I think that we would have developed the courage to proceed with the audit.

Brad Capes
Global Supply Chain Director

Understanding the Supplier Audit Process

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Pro QC International offers services in over 37 countries since 1984.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does Pro QC provide services?

Pro QC International performs quality control services in the following countries:

Asia & Asia Pacific South Asia & Central Asia South America North America Europe Middle East & Africa
Australia Bangladesh Argentina Canada Austria Algeria
Cambodia India Bolivia Mexico Belgium Dubai
China Iran Brazil USA Bulgaria Egypt
Hong Kong Israel Chile Croatia Jordan
Indonesia Kazakhstan Colombia Cyprus Kuwait
Japan Nepal Costa Rica Czech Republic Libya
Laos Pakistan Dominican Republic Denmark Morocco
Malaysia Sri Lanka Ecuador Estonia Nigeria
New Zealand Turkey Nicaragua Finland Oman
Philippines Turkmenistan Panama France Qatar
Singapore Uzbekistan Paraguay Germany Saudi Arabia
South Korea Peru Greece South Africa
Taiwan Trinidad & Tobago Hungary Tunisia
Thailand Uruguay Italy United Arab Emirates
Vietnam Venezuela Ireland

When are detailed audit reports provided?

Pro QC uses standard audit checklists and report forms but can accommodate to use your company-specific forms as well. Audit reports are uploaded to an online database.  An email notification is sent to the client when posted.


Each report outlines the audit scope and includes recommendations, strength’s of the quality system and manufacturing process, and opportunities for improvement (weaknesses).  An audit result based on the percent of conformances vs. non-conformances is provided.

How do you schedule an audit with Pro QC?

We make scheduling easy. Supplier evaluations (audits) can be scheduled online directly here (link).  Or, clients and/or suppliers can contact account managers directly for assistance with coordination.


Contact us at +1-813-252-4770 or for additional information.

What type of audit(s) do you need?

  • ISO 9001 (General Quality Management System)
  • Supplier Capability & Qualification (Initial Supplier Evaluation)
  • Manufacturing Process Audit
  • Security (C-TPAT)
  • Social Responsibility (SA8000)
  • Sustainability (ISO 14001)
  • Industry specific (ISO/TS 16949, ISO 13485, GMP, etc.)
  • Other (Pro QC’s account managers specialize in the ability to identify your needs and create effective solutions. Contact us to further discuss your audit objectives, and we can assist in delivering an audit that meets your requirements.)

Why should you partner with a 3rd party quality provider to audit your suppliers?

  • Helps ensure that your potential or existing suppliers deliver high-quality products, operate efficiently and support continuous improvements
  • Generally less costly, including internal resource allocation considerations
  • Offers a non-biased evaluation that aids in critical decision-making
  • Prepares your organization when seeking certification
  • Other (Addresses root causes of late shipments, defects, process issues, etc.)

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