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What quality means to us…

With World Quality Month coming up, we reached out to our team and asked them what quality means to them.  We received some interesting responses that reinforce our passion for quality…

Ed Sanchez, Managing Director

When I think of quality, an old quote that we used to use as  kind of our slogan comes to mind: “Quality is consistent performance to clients’ expectations.”

To me, repeatability is quality.

Michael L. Hetzel, VP/Americas

Quality is consistent conformance to the expectations of the user of a product or service.

Jean Champlain, Operations Manager

For me, quality is subjective value term that means a level (range) of acceptance or rejection of something (product, service). The level of acceptance could be high, middle, low or poor depending on who defines that level (buyer) and against the price or investment he puts to get that level of service.

Jeffrey Moellering, Sales & Marketing Manager

Quality can most simply be defined as delivering consistent conformance to the expectations of the end user of a product or service.

Russ McClay, IT Manager

 I like this statement/definition in the Wikipedia entry for quality (in the business sense):

Quality in business, engineering and manufacturing has a pragmatic interpretation as the non-inferiority or superiority of something. Quality is a perceptual, conditional and somewhat subjective attribute and may be understood differently by different people. Consumers may focus on the specification quality of a product/service, or how it compares to competitors in the marketplace. Producers might measure the conformance quality, or degree to which the product/service was produced correctly.

Weiwei Lim, Regional Operations Manager

Quality is conformance to standards, standards of construction demanded from customers.

Nancy C. Barroso, Account Manager (Latin America)

In manufacturing, quality is a measure of excellence; it is about meeting the needs and expectations of customers.

Fernando Rodriguez, Account Manager

For me, quality is a very subjective term that defines tangible or intangible things to realize whether these are done as expected or not.

Meet our team…

One of the most popular articles in our quarterly newsletter is “Get Acquainted”, where we introduce someone on our team and discuss their role within the organization, as well as their backgrounds and interests.

Due to the popularity of this content, we have also incorporated a “The Team” photo folder on our Facebook page so clients and other team members can put faces with names as we coordinate quality & engineering services in over 30 countries.

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