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Celebrating worker contributions & realizing the benefits of social audits

The first Monday in September is observed as Labor Day in the United States, which is a national holiday celebrating the contributions of workers.  Similar holidays are observed throughout the world.

Today, Samsung announced issues at several factories in China, indicating age disparities and other health and safety concerns.  They are committing to an evaluation of 144 suppliers before the end of the year, using documentation as a way to verify conformance to local regulations.  Apple and many other multinationals are facing similar issues and are working with NGOs, industry organizations and other 3rd parties such as Pro QC to improve supplier conditions and stakeholder confidence.

We have written several articles relating to on-site and verified social audits and are finding the request for such services are steadily increasing throughout the world.  Organizations of all  sizes and throughout industries are realizing the benefits of proactive supplier management in this regard.

Benefits of ensuring worker’s rights through social audits include:

Human Resources – Recruitment & Retention Benefits 
Higher employee morale leads to greater rates of retention, which cuts the costs of recruiting and training new staff. In addition, a growing trend in recruitment appears to be concern regarding a company’s corporate social responsibility activities.

Increased Product Quality & Safety
Reducing defects and accidents enhances product quality. A less fatigued and adult workforce is less likely to cause accidents or defects on the production line. In addition, a supplier that shows little concern over health and safety is more likely to produce poor quality products.

Risk Management 
Proactive corporate responsibility offsets the risks of scandals or accidents that can create unwanted attention from consumers, regulators, government or the media.

Brand Development
Investing in a socially accountable supply chain benefits a company’s brand by differentiating from competition and building a positive reputation in the minds of consumers.

Stronger Management 
Providing training, defining responsibility and developing manuals will strengthen the management of the company.

Government Intervention 
If businesses take voluntary steps to ensure social accountability, they are more likely to avoid mandated government regulation and taxation.

For additional information regarding the components of social audits, read our full newsletter article.   The American Society for Quality, through theSRO, has recently issued the latest Pathways to Social Accountability as well, which always includes several relevant and convincing case studies.

Reflecting on Human Rights Day 2011

Amid the huste and bustle of the last month of the year, we paused on December 10th to recognize Human Rights Day.

The United Nations released an excellent video highlighting the importance of social media as a vehicle for change this year.

As a global organization, Pro QC seeks to contribute to the international community by offering comprehensive social audits using custom client requirements, SA8000 or the more recently introduced ISO26000 guidelines. In addition, we continue to learn and advise others that see the unlimited potential in supporting human rights.


Memorial Day Weekend – Clearwater Beach, Florida

Memorial Day is celebrated in the United States as a national holiday on the last Monday each May.   Once known as Decoration Day, the holiday weekend is traditionally “a day of reflection and recognition commemorating all U.S. Service Members who have died in military service.”  Today, Americans really dedicate the day to all those who have or are serving in the military.

The holiday weekend is also considered the start of summer for Floridians, which means plenty of sunshine, backyard BBQs and beach adventures.  Our Sales & Marketing Director, Jeffrey Moellering, is based in Clearwater, Florida.  He’s also a talented photographer that’s been taking some great local shots lately!  Here are a couple we would like to share with everyone abroad… Memorial Day 2011, Florida style…