Spend $5… Get Quality Improvement Made Simple & Fast

I finally had an opportunity to unpack all of the books I scored from the Quality Press booth at the World Conference on Quality & Improvement this past week.  I’m hoping to include a master list of recommendations in the next newsletter but couldn’t resist posting something here about a little gem I found.  For $5, I picked up a book called Quality Improvement Made Simple & Fast, written by Matthew J. Maio.  I couldn’t resist spending $5 on something that claimed to “help ordinary people make extraordinary contributions to their organizations.”  Right?

With 44 pages, don’t let the length of the book fool you!  In fact, I thought the KISS approach worked brilliantly here.  I read the book on the flight back and have referenced it several times since.  Even reading over material you’re knowledgable about can spark inspiration… certainly an indicator of a good book!

Maio is no stranger to quality and knows his stuff… A bio full of ASQ certifications and industry experience that incorporates Honeywell and Raytheon is impressive.  More impressive is that someone that could have very easily made the topic too technical or dare I say boring, instead produced a to-the-point and entertaining guidebook complete with comical illustrations and a chapter full of forms you can incorporate however you like!

So, get a copy… Start understanding your customers, planing, doing, studying and acting now…  “The learning will come from doing. If you follow this simple guide, you will know whether the changes you make, are, in fact, real improvements.”

What is the future of quality?

As an Influential Voice for the American Society for Quality, I recently posted a response to Paul Borawski’s vlog regarding the ASQ Futures Study on my personal site.  However, I also evaluated the study’s identified forces from more of a Pro QC centered perspective.

Here’s what I discovered…

The future of quality is obviously something of great concern to us as an organization, but not for the reasons one might think.  At Pro QC, we truly believe that commitment to quality and increased awareness through education will drive remarkable results for generations to come.  Being proactive and delivering results-driven solutions to issues facing the future of quality is supported throughout the fabric of our organizational strategy.


The forces facing quality directly impact us as an industry provider.  We have representatives located in over 30 countries, so we see first-hand the many benefits and challenges organizations face as a result of globalization. Experience and collaboration have delivered proven strategies that we’ve successfully implemented for clients throughout the world.

We have a very real understanding that the workforce of the future is something we have to be proactive about as a business.  As an organization, we are able to recruit and retain quality professionals and as a result experience significantly lower turnover than competitors. Training is key when considering employee growth and overall potential. Creating a truly international team environment poses certain inherent challenges, but not impossible with genuine collaboration and shared knowledge.

Global responsibility is something our organization has supported through ongoing training and auditing for over a decade.  We are committed to helping our businesses assess and achieve their social responsibility objectives.  A current trend we hope to see continue is the understanding of the triple bottom line and its overall impact on all functions. The SRO has posted several excellent articles and resources on the topic.

As organizations continue to grow, change, innovate, and respond to customers’ needs and wants, we will continue to support the quality that reduces risks and costs!