In 5 words or less, describe what you do…

I posted this inquiry to the ASQ LinkedIn Group some time ago and have seen an overwhelming number of responses from a variety of industry perspectives… Over 450 as of right now! Some of my favorite posts so far include:

  • “Extend and improve lives”
  • “Plan, measure, analysis, approve, repeat”
  • “Stop bad things from happening”
  • “Create joy through quality”
  • “Building bridges between quality and leadership”

I’ve enjoyed the responses in this discussion so much that I reached out to a few people on the Pro QC team in the US and Taiwan to see how they would respond. It’s no surprise that their responses mirror that of the organization very nicely… We really do have a passionate group of quality professionals!

Michael L. Hetzel (VP/Americas, USA) – “Reduce global supply chain risks”

Jeffrey Moellering (Sales & Marketing Director, USA) – “Drive complete customer success”

Nancy Barroso (Account Manager, USA & Mexico) – “Reduce risk and cost”

Weiwei Lin (Regional Operations Manager, USA) – “Your QC partner”

Fernando Rodriguez (Account Manager, Taiwan) – “Manage client accounts at Pro QC”

Russ McClay (IT Manager, Taiwan) – “Direct the Pro QC IT team”

Joanne Tseng (Office Manager, Taiwan) – “Providing best cooperation and cooperation”

Bruno Singier (Sales & Marketing Director Europe, Middle East/Africa & Asia, Taiwan) – “Business development for Pro QC”

I’ve found LinkedIn to be an excellent resource for discussion within the quality community.  Join us in the Pro QC International group.  We frequently participate in many of the other quality related discussion groups as well, including ASQ’s.

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