Organizations Increasingly Focused on Integrating Environmental Management Within the Supply Chain


Tampa, FL/USA – April 19, 2017

Growing uncertainty about the environment, including climate change, regulation, etc., is the focus of this year’s Earth Day theme on April 22nd. As a 3rd party quality assurance and engineering company, Pro QC International is promoting awareness of environmental audits within the supply chain to ensure that these issues are properly measured and continuously improved.

Benefits of integrating supplier environmental management within the supply chain includes an increase in market competitiveness and can be implemented by any organization regardless of its activity or sector. The International Organization for Standardization advises an environment management system “helps organization identify, manage, monitor and control their environmental issues a holistic manner.”

Jean Champlain, Pro QC International’s Supplier Development Manager in China says, “a natural benefit of most sustainability efforts is a reduction in costs. Looking for ways to reduce consumption (raw materials, energy, etc.) will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of business practices and exploring new and innovative products and services will result in operational performance.”

When asking about his experience on-site in factories throughout Asia, Champlain indicates, “there is a trend noted regarding ensuring sustainability as a result of vendor pressure. For example, many suppliers integrate environmental management due to requirements set by Walmart, BSCI, EICC, WCA, etc. I do not see as much self-engagement in the field, but the expectation is that this will change with increased awareness.”

In recognition of Earth Day, Pro QC is offering a promotion on ISO 14001-based audits throughout China. These include a review of general requirements, environmental policy, planning, legal requirements, objectives and targets, resources and responsibilities, training, documentation and more. For more information and to review an example audit report, contact us at

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Jennifer Stepniowski
Regional Director, North America
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