Quality Q&A : Why Is Quality Important?


“Quality is important because improving quality improves business.” 

Dr. W. Edwards Deming developed the Quality Chain Reaction.

Improve Quality
Quality is the focus; all that follows in the Chain Reaction results from improvement in quality and will not be sustainable over the long term without it.

Reduce Costs
As quality improves, costs are reduced because waste is minimized.

Improve Productivity
As costs are reduced, fewer of the organization’s resources are spent producing defective goods and services, leaving them free to be devoted to work that adds value.

Capture the Market
Improved productivity enables the organization to pass savings along to customers, thus attracting more customers to the market through lower prices as well as improved quality. New markets are created by producing products and services that meet changing customer needs.

Stay in Business
Capturing the increasing market helps ensure the long-term viability of the organization.

Provide Jobs and More Jobs
An organization that focuses on quality realizes the benefits that come from continuous improvement.

Learn more about the Deming Chain Reaction:

“According to the Chron, the business website of the Houston Chronicle, the quickest way for a business to ruin its reputation is to create and sell poorly constructed, low-quality products to its customers. Customers always expect quality when purchasing items, and if they are not satisfied with one company’s products, they will seek alternatives. Businesses that sell high-quality products are likely to retain their customers and enjoy repeat business. Highly satisfied customers are also likely to recommend a company’s products or services to others.”