Quality Q&A :What Information Should You Evaluate for New Suppliers?


As a follow-up to an an article we posted to our blog earlier in the year, we wanted to go into more specifics regarding on-site supplier verification. 

It’s not always cost-effective to do a comprehensive ISO based or general QMS audit for each supplier you’re considering working with. But, there are basic questions looming that you need to make the right decisions.

Start with a general business registration check. Is the supplier a legitimate business?

Next, run a credit/financial check.

Finally, another option for supplier verification is a basic on-site check. Information evaluated would include:

Factory Information
Type of ownership, address & contact information

Production Capacity (Annual Basis)
Category, total capacity, units shipped & % capacity

Export Markets
U.S., EU, South America, etc. & % volume

Key Clients (Past Year)
Name, product description & % volume

Key Personnel
Title, name, history & contact information

Number of Employees
Management, general office, production, quality, etc.

List of Major Equipment (Machines)
Description, model, quantity & condition

List of Major Gages (Equipment)
Description, accuracy, quantity & condition

List of Sub-Contractors
Name, process & location

Photos assist in the process of evaluation as well.

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One of our older blog posts that may be of interest is the use of a grid analysis for supplier selection.
The categories listed above would help in deciding important variables and respective weights.