Quality Q&A :How Do Inspections Reduce Costs?


Pro QC’s General Manager, Thomas Kaiser, recently interviewed with the Indo German Chamber of Commerce (IGCC) and was asked several questions that represent those we often receive from potential clients. 

Among the questions asked, there was one in particular that we wanted to share here.

The idea that quality costs less, not more, is generally accepted but not as largely applied.

So, how do inspections reduce costs?

QC inspections are a value-added activity that reduces cost because they identify issues early in the process and provide important supplier data points regarding performance.

It’s less costly in regards to labor and logistics to make adjustments in-process or at the supplier location than at your fulfillment and/or distribution center. Even more significant, there’s the cost related to dissatisfied customers if defective product reaches consumers without a QC check.

We believe inspection data plays an important part of the continuous improvement process, so we capture key information on our secure, online services database. Evaluating inspection data often uncovers areas of process improvement that can reduce costs through improved efficiency.

Additional questions and answers from this interview include:

* What is an audit, and what does it generally include?

For more information here, check out our video: https://youtu.be/sW0WhVD_u1o

* How does sampling work during an inspection? What is AQL and why is it important?

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