C-TPAT Threat & Risk Assessments Available


We have noted a recent increase in requests for assistance with Threat & Risk Assessments as they relate to C-TPAT requirements.

Threat assessments are both related to the internal work environment and the surrounding community where the facility is located.

A good approach is to use the ISO 9001:2015 Risk Assessment tools and techniques.
Pro QC establishs an “Identification of Threats” procedure, then establishes a Threat Assessment template including common & outstanding security risks, and then later categorizes these by Severity – Frequency – Detection, and develop preventive security methods.

The steps include:

Step 1: Define the scope of the Assessment.
Step 2: Define the objective of the Assessment.
Step 3: Assign Roles & Responsibilities.
Step 4: Define possible risk sources.
Step 5: Define grading criteria for Severity-Frequency – Detection.
Step 6: Define the potential risks & threats based on the requirements.
Step 7: Forward to client. If approved, proceed to Step 8.
Step 8: Assign Severity score, Frequency score (if possible link to government statistics), and Detection.
Step 9: Submit final report.
Step 10: If requested, conduct on-site visit for preventive security measures.

Steps 1-6 can be executed in one week. Steps 8-9 usually require one day.

Supply chain threats include:

Narcotics Smuggling
Human Smuggling / Trafficking
Hijacking / Theft
Cyber Crime
Political / Social Unrest
Natural Disasters
Agricultural Threats

Contact us for assistance if you receive a letter from Department of Homeland Security, or other notification of this requirement for your supply base. We can help.

An example C-TPAT audit report can be found here: