2018-09-06, Volume 12, Issue 3


Feature Article :Product Diversion: What Is It and How Is It Identified and Managed?

We’ve noted an increase in interest related to product diversion assessments and programs. In this article, we take a moment and discuss what product diversion is, how it happens, the related impacts, and a few suggestions for avoiding and managing.


Insider News :Holiday Schedule (2018)

Holidays approaching in September include Independence Day in Mexico on the16th, Muharram on the 21st in India, the Mid-Autumn Festival in China and Taiwan (Moon Festival) on the 24th and Chuseok Holiday in Korea the 23rd – 25th.


Insider News :Pro QC Publishes Blog in French

Due to the popularity of our blog, we started development in various languages. In addition to English, the blog is now available in French. We encourage any comments and/or suggestions related to our articles or other content.


Insider News :Pro QC’s Vision & Values Renewed

Pro QC is proud to announce a renewal of our vision and values, as part of a greater effort to ensure we are accurately reflecting the long-term strategy of our organization and the essence of who we are.


Quality Q&A :What Does Supplier Development Include?

Supplier development includes a number of activities Pro QC employs as support for our clients’ quality initiatives. Whether it’s vendor compliance or an 80/20 continuous improvement initiative, development solutions improve performance.


Get Acquainted :Daniel Nixon, Operations Coordinator

Daniel Nixon joined the Pro QC team in February of this year and currently works in the Tampa, Florida office. As Operations Coordinator, Daniel’s general responsibilities include recruitment and management of qualified professional resources.


Upcoming Events :Trade Shows & Conferences (2018)

Later this month, we will join EDS International at the International Sourcing Fair in Shanghai. The event expects over 350 exhibitors, with more than 10,000 visitors/suppliers per day.

— Quote of the Quarter — 

“Quality tends to fan out like waves.”

~Robert M. Pirsig