2018-03-08, Volume 12, Issue 1


Feature Article :Stakeholder Theory Perspective: A Case for Social Responsbility Integration

Stakeholders, the primary entities affected by the activities of an organization, realize several benefits and greater value from organizations that integrate social responsibility (SR) into their management systems.



Insider News :2018 Holiday Schedule

Upcoming holidays include the Festival of Colors in India on March 2nd, Good Friday on March 30th for several offices, and Tomb Sweeping Day in China and Taiwan in early April.



Insider News :Happy Lunar New Year – Xīnnián hǎo!

Pro QC’s offices throughout many parts of Asia recently celebrated the Lunar New Year. Their assistance with ensuring smooth scheduling for clients and suppliers prior to the holiday is always appreciated.



Case Study :What our clients have to say about Pro QC…

We collected a few of our favorite client quotes about Pro QC… Share your feedback, and find more in-depth Client Stories on proqc.com.



Quality Q&A :What is the SCOR model?

The Supply Chain Operations Reference identifies 5 general management processes and is a model developed as a standard diagnostic tool. The SCOR model is unique in that it links business processes, performance metrics, practices, and people skills.



Upcoming Events :Trade Show Exhibitions & Conferences (2018)

Pro QC returns as an exhibitor at the World Conference on Quality & Improvement in May. And, our team in Asia return to Hong Kong for the Global Sources Electronics & Components Show in April and October.



Recommended Reading :In Search of Quality: Understanding a Sexy Business

Is quality sexy? Does it affect everyone on the planet? It might be that we’re biased in that the point of view here is similar to our own. Over the past 33+ years, Pro QC has experienced much of what Kolb describes.



— Quote of the Quarter —



“An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” ~Benjamin Franklin