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The inaugural issue of this quarterly newsletter went out in March of 2007 and has since grown to a subscriber base of over 14,000. In the next issue, readers will find a new editor and a fresh approach. With this transition, we close out an unusual year with a reflection of newsletters past. Every issue of Pro QC’s quarterly newsletter has included a Feature Article with the goal of having a finger on the pulse of the industry and providing insight to those with a connection to Pro QC. The top ten most popular articles include: 1. Determining the Cost of Quality (VII1) 2. Understanding the Inspection Process (V1I4) 3. Quality Management in a Global Recession (V3I1) 4. Preparation & Tips for Successful Factory Audits (V8I3) 5. A Systematic Issue Management Process – Manufacturing Quality Application (V3I3) 6. Diversifying Suppliers in Uncertain Markets (V13I2) 7. Top Supplier Issues & Recommended Solutions (V13I3) 8. QC Inspection Sampling Considerations (V14I3) 9. Mitigating Impacts of Crisis on Supply Chains (V14I1) 10. Why Your Supplier’s Security Matters (V9I3) In addition to the Feature Articles, we have frequently highlighted a Get Acquainted column that introduces our subscribers to someone within the organization, both from a professional and personal perspective. We pride ourselves on the diverse and highly skilled teams we have positioned around the world. Many on our teams have been with Pro QC for a decade, or two. Through the years, we have reviewed some interesting books for lovers of quality. The top five that received the most feedback include: 1. The Quality Toolbox (Nancy Tague) – Every quality professional should own this one. It should have a thoroughly cracked spine and signs of many problems solved using the tools within. 2. Inside Drucker’s Brain (Jeffrey A. Krames) – Casual and light, yet informative and insightful. Yes to Drucker anytime. 3. A Whole Mew Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future (Daniel Pink) – Who doesn’t love Daniel Pink? He really has gained in popularity (for good reason) since this was published in 2005. 4. In Search of Quality: Understanding a Sexy Business – Introspective and historical. Who would argue quality isn’t a sexy business anyway? 5. Team Quotient (Douglas R. Gerber) – Grateful to have also received coaching from Douglas and think this is as enjoyable as it is useful. Insider News has been a recurring highlight in each issue also, announcing everything from holidays, new solutions we offer, public speaking or other events, to updates with new or relocated offices, etc. Our goal here has been to keep our clients, partners and global teams updated regarding happenings within the organization. Less frequently, we included Quality Q&A to answer some of our most frequently asked questions. The top five questions have remained consistent over the years. They include: 1. What happens during a pre-shipment inspection? 2. What can you do to prepare for a factory audit? 3. How do you address the issue of a supplier that has the desired capabilities but is inconsistent in quality performance? 4. How do inspections reduce cost? 5. What information should you evaluate for new suppliers? For several issues, we highlighted a Focus on Travel considering the global nature of our business. This editor’s top five include: 1. Monterrey, Mexico 2. Rome, Italy 3. Poland 4. Tampa, Florida (US) 5. Shanghai, China Finally, each edition of the newsletter has included a quote to share. It seems appropriate to end with one here as well: “The future is always beginning now.” ~Mark Strand

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