The Quality Toolbox (Nancy R. Tague)

Tague describes her intent with this book as being "to help team members and facilitators find and use the right tool at the right time in their improvement processes." As well organized as this book is, I would say she has achieved this and much more with additional examples and case studies.

This book is a must-have for anyone in the field of quality or management. "Like a carpenter's toolbox, The Quality Toolbox provides you with a choice of many tools appropriate to the wide variety of situations that occur on the road to continuous improvement. In fact, 148 different tools and variations are described with step-by-step instructions."

Get out of the brainstorming, Pareto, and fishbone rut and learn new ways to achieve even better results. It's the ultimate reference book, with a tool for every situation. It will make finding and using the right tool a fairly simply process.

If you've already got the first edition, it should be noted that Tague added 34 tools and 18 variations to the second.