Eugene F. Tsui (Hong Kong)

Eugene Tsui joined the Pro QC team in May of this year and is currently the Head of Supplier Management based in Hong Kong.

Eugene's primary responsibility as Head of Supplier Management includes growing the Supplier Management Team. The team includes both the auditing and development services globally.

Eugene studied and holds a master's degree in Product Design Engineering. He began his career as a Product Designer in the furniture industry in Hong Kong. His career progressed further in the lighting industry working as an Engineer, Engineering Manager, R&D Manager and eventually General Manager of a manufacturing plant in Shanghai for a Czech Company overseeing all operation from design to manufacturing to installation of large scale bespoke installations. His latest work experience prior to Pro QC was working as the COO of a U.S. lighting company overseeing operations in both U.S. and China. He currently holds a Six Sigma Black Belt and ISO 9001:2015 Lead Auditor certificate.

When asked what he enjoys the most about working with Pro QC, Eugene explains, "The best part of the job is definitely the chance to investigate and study the different best practices in different industries and companies. "

Eugene is from Hong Kong, son to a policewoman and a jeweler father. He has two sisters and at one time had longer hair than both of them. He will tell you "one feeds him well because she is in the restaurant industry and the other one cuts his hair because she is a hair dresser." He spent a significant part of his life in Scotland and Shanghai and eventually returned to Hong Kong and is enjoying spending quality time with his family and loved ones.

When he's not spending time with his family and friends, Eugene's hobbies include designing lighting fixtures and playing squash. At one time, he considered becoming a chef but ultimately chose design over cooking.

Although Eugene has only been with us for a relatively short amount of time, his positive impact on the teams and clients he works with is undeniable. You can reach Eugene directly at